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Book of Mormon

Monday, November 30, 2015

Its Gonna Get Hot!!! 11-30-15

This week I have little time so I will try and get some good info and we'll see what happens.
First off thanks MOM FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I got a little bag in the mail with a few goodies from my dear mother and I wanted to to thank her publically for that. THANKS MOM!
Anyway, this week was Thanksgiving and may I say I am happy to be going home before the next one because milkshakes on Thanksgiving in 90 degree weather isnt exactly my thing. But, it was good nonetheless. I put up my Christmas lights and tree and that makes me happy inside to see the lights and remember home a bit. So that was a great thing this week.
We also went to see our family that is getting ready to be baptized this week and they are doing well. They also went to church yesterday and they undestood and asked lots of questions so that was awesome. They really are learning and feeling the Spirit which is amazing. They are set for the 19th of December and they will get married on the 12th. I find that in Brazil there is a problem with basically nobody wanting to get married. They just move in together and that's that. They have kids and live life without any "commitment" even though they have kids together. So that is a little frustrating... Just get married! It's a good thing! But I guess that's the culture for you.
So the title being the title I thought I would express how this area will probably be because of the heat. All the people say that it reaches 100 actual degrees but the sensation gets up to like 125. It will be strange to think that I'll come out of this area looking like a lobster probably. But that's life and I'm actually kinda excited to really feel some heat. At home we think that 90 is already super hot. So imagine 125....
Other than that we taught a man who is having some hard times right now and he is really interested in changing his life and joining the church. He said that he didn't do it already because he was just lazy to go to church. But now he is feeling ready and he will start. So we'll see how he does.
But as far as the exciting news that sums it up! I love you all and I am grateful for your support! Remember that this life is about happiness and that if we arent happy we need to LOOK for someway to be happy!
See you guys next week!
Elder George

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