Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

13 Months Down! 11-3-15

Hello everyone!
This week was good and well bad... But mostly good! 
First of all we think M. isnt going to continue recieving the lessons. We think someone said something bad about the Church and now she doesnt want to recieve us anymore. But G, M and M are doing reasonablly well! They are progressing and doing the things they should! We are super excited for them! Hope fully they can get baptized before I get transferred. They are feeling the Spirit and actually changing. It's the first time that I really saw somebody changing. Its interesting to see the change in someone affect them so much.
So in our area we dont use the bus too much. We walk a lot. It's also interesting that when we walk down the road people are very civil with us. They greet us when we greet them and they are generally friendly. So that is a nice thing when the people dont cuss you out all day for no reason.
This week we had our ward council and it was very frustrating really. They spent 2 hours talking about one member that had SERIOUS problems and has been through 17 different wards in two years. He has been into some trouble with law and the church various times. Not much was said about missionary work... SO it was 2 hours we didn't get to talk about missionary work on Sunday, which was disappointing.
BUT, We had our zone meeting, that went very well, on Friday! We were very happy how it turned out and it went under the time limit which was good for everyone. We talked about Chapter 13 of Preach my Gospel and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 
Well everyone, next week we'll find out about transfers and we'll find out where everyone will be for Christmas!!! Everyone is excited to see what happens.
Thats all for this week everyone! I love you all and remember who you are! (see video below) Do the little things! 
Love Elder George

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