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Monday, September 28, 2015

WHOA!!!! WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!!!!! 9-28-15

One year old missionary shoes

Friends and family,
Today is the last Pday before I make a year!!! WHAT????? Life...
Anyway I just wanted to thank eveyrone for everything that you have done for me and all the support. It means the world to me to know that everyone cares that much about me. Never will I ever be able to make that up, but I hope you all know I love you guys.
Anyway, enough of the sappy sappy. Lets go to the questions of the week!
1-Who is in the pics you sent this week? And why did you send a pic of Captain America?
 - well most of them were our zone. The one with the sister is an Amercan sister that is in our zone. She is one of the few American sisters in the mission. So we took a pic. The reason why I sent the Captain America one is becasue I took that and the people here compare me and Elder S to Captain America. SO I sent that home ;)
2-What is your apartment like? We haven't really heard about that. High rise? Size? In a residential area or more city like? Primarily, are you in a pretty safe area?
 - Our apartment is in a residential area. It is a 3rd floor and its pretty decent now that we are really taking great care of it. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, a kitchen, service area, and a living room. We also have a balcony witha  hammock! So that makes Pdays the good life ;) This city is really the safest I've been in yet. there really isnt anywhere thats dangerous. SO Mom you can take a breather. ;)
3-Have you ever received the post cards I sometimes send?
- I have gotten some postcards from people... Mostly from Brother B but I did get one from Mom that I remember off the head.
4-How are your investigators doing? Are you still having people progressing and learning?
 - The poeple are good. We are having some trouble with investigators running from us. They dont want it and the just dont tell us. They just cancel appointments and dont answer... so thats annoying but life goes on.
5-Do you serve in just one ward? or do you cover more wards?How many people are in your ward, approx. Is the church gigantic? It looks HUGE from the pic I saw on Google Maps. Smiling face with smiling eyes
 - Well there are two sets in our ward and there are 4 wards in the city and the stake is in like 5 cities. In every ward in this city there are 2 sets of missionaries. Because the areas are so big and we dont have cars or bikes there has to be two sets or else nothing would get done. Our ward isnt very big. There are about 70-80 active members. THe chapel is big because two wards meet at the same time here. They dont usually have that... So thats why it is so big..But the chapel at home chapel is WAYYYY bigger then this one... Just to give a frame of mind.
6-What blessings can you see in your life because of being on a mission? (name at least 3)
 - Well, first I learned how to speak another language and be able to communicate with all the people in their own language. That was tough but that definitely is something that I can use for the rest of life. Second, I learned the power of repentance and the role it is in our lives, but without the Atonement we couldnt even repent so... I guess I learned the power of the Atonement then. Third, I learned for myself that God really does live. I know he Loves each and every one of us and he KNOWS us more then we know ourselves. 
7-What is something you really miss about home?
- Well, I REALLY MIISS A BIG THING OF PEANUT BUTTER.... AND HOT COCOA.... AND.... well.... snow but I dont know how that would work to send... But if you could send a few packages of those instant PEanut Butter cookies I would be SUPER grateful :D
8-Will you share an experience where you saw God’s hand in your life recently.
- Well, this week we had our Zone Conference and so we had to train all of the missionaries in front of president. I was a little nervous because my companion worries about things. So When we got to the time to train he just kinda locked up and I had to step up. I just swallowed and went and did it. And it was awesome!!! I really felt that God was inspiring me to change things on the fly and it really made a difference. That was really what I saw this week!
But that sums up the questions this week! I love you all And I WISH YOU ALL ONE YEAR LESS UNTIL YOURE NOT RID OF ME ANYMORE :D 
Elder George

Silly photo

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hellooooooo 9-21-15

Friends and family,
This week was a good one!! Like always I have the Q and A Here for you and we'll see what the people want to know! meaning mom.....
1-What are you eating these days when you are not being fed by members?(you mentioned that you were trying to eat healthier) Do you cook together with all of the Elders in your apartment?
- Well we do cook a lot. I made mashed potatoes, Sausage, eggs, smoothies, stuffing, and a few other things. It tasted a lot better when we actually cook so thats what we do when we have time. Everyone takes turns really. Its nice to get stuff done and when we get home have something to eat. Makes life easier.
2-When do transfers come again? Do you have an idea of what will be happening? Are you hoping to stay in your area since the work is starting to move a little more?
-Transfers are the weekend of General Conference, October 3-4. I am REALLY hoping to stay. Things are really starting to go well and I love the area and the people that I see everyday. Especially the elders in the House... But I think something will change in the house.... :( Maybe in the district and certainly in the zone. There is rarely anytime where someone doesn't get transferred.
3-What are you doing for exercise? What do you do for activities on P-day? Have you seen any sights or other interesting things in your area? Animals? Foods? Anything different than here?
 -Well we do pushups and sit ups and weight bearing excersises now because President decided to prohibit P90x... :'( So now excersises are once again a drag. On pday we buy our food, make the food, eat the food, and then we do some odd thing. There are a bunch of fruits that are soooo good that we dont have in the US. I love Acerola. It like a cherry but a little smaller and a little more sour. Animals are about the same as the south US. They dont have squirrels which is funny. Never saw one.... :/
4-What was something funny that happened this week?
-So two missionaries just got home and everytime we see them they are a bit awkward... ITs kinda funny to watch them. You know how they are ina bit of shock at being a normal person again. 
5-What was the BEST thing that happened this week?
 - Well, we got the shoes that we ordered this week and they are AMAZING!!! I dont think I'll have to buy another pair for the rest of the mission. They are super durable and We are super happy about them. The soles are thermal! They withstand up to like 500 degrees without melting! WHAT???? What are you gonna do at that temp?!? Super cool. SUPER TIGHT!!! ( Just for Ster. ;)  )
6-How often to you have to speak or teach in church?
- Well speaking of that I spoke yesterday. It was good and I talked about Joseph Smith's First vision and how we enjoy the blessings of the Gospel becasue Of the work of Joseph the Prophet. I didn't really have any trouble with speaking and finding all the words that I needed. Makes me feel great to not stumble searching for the right words in Portuguese.
7-It sounds like you are getting more people to teach. How is that going? Are you seeing progress?
 - We are getting a few more people and they are doing well! One person read like 15 extra pages of the Book of Mormon this week! I was suprised! We should have mroe progress this next week. I'll let you know!
Well, Fam. It looks like my time is at hand. I love you all and wish a great week to you all. Make sure to look for opportunities to serve! We serve the Lord by serving others! I'll see you all next week!
Elder Deven George

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week of Burning 9-14-15

Friends and Family,

This week was the week of all burnings. Apparently there was a LOT of disobedience throughout the mission and Presidente emailed everyone about it. We also had leadership council with him this week which I will explain later. Lets get to the questions and answers then! 

What happened with the conference? What was interesting or meaningful to you?

 -Well it was the normal leadership council that they do monthly but with a lot about obedience and The things that come if you aren't obedient. So it was a strong burning for everyone. It wasnt very personal or anything so that was good and I'm not taking it too personally. I thought he conference itself would be a lot bigger then it was. We also got all the mail and stuff for the zone. It was a bummer because we were on a bus for 20 hours this week because of it. Super long!

You sent a lot of pics with different girls…..who are they all? (dad said, “how come he is standing by a girl in so many pictures?”) And were some of the pics with Elders from the MTC?

-So most of the girls we in our last district.  Most of them are leaving this transfer so thats why there were so many pictures. And yeah! There were all the members, except one Elder, from our MTC district there at the conference! I saw people I haven't seen in a year! So that was cool!

Did you stay in Florianopolis for that conference? Where do you stay? Who feeds you?

-So we were on a bus both of the nights. So we were exhausted this week. We had lunch at a resturaunt and we had to provide everything else. We left at 9PM on tuesday and arrived at 530 AM the next day. WE stayed all day, and had our bus back at 9 PM and we got home at 630AM on thursday... Lots of bus time.

I LOVE the pic of the picnic. I notice that there are 5 of you in a couple of pics. Is someone in a 3 person companionship? Is that your house you are outside of, or somewhere else?

 -Actually he is a missionary that just got home! He is super cool and he went to Belo Horizonte. So when he got home we were invited to lunch with them! It was super cool. His parents aren't members but that wont last too long now that he got home. We're gonna start working with them this next week I think.

I love that you have found some new people to teach. How are those lessons going?

 -The lessons are good! We found another family that is doing well. They are gonna read and pray about the Book of Mormon and we'll see what happens! A. couldnt meet with us this week. So we'll see what is going on next week!
Tell me something that you have learned or is important to you from this first half of your mission.

-  I learned that no matter how it may seem time passes FAST. You never know when your last day will come so you need to do your best everyday just in case there isn't a tomorrow. NOT that I've been in life or death situations! But just thinking about life, that's how it is.

Well everyone, Thanks so much for all the support and I hope everyone is reading their scriptures! At least a verse per day! That is a challenge for everyone! Don’t let the habit die!

With Love, Elder George

Thursday, September 10, 2015

One More Week Gone 9-8-15

Friends and Family,
Well this week I will follow the same style as the other weeks and answer the questions that were made to me! If you guys have a question and want me to answer, email me! I don't have enough time to email EVERYONE EVERY WEEK. So this system gets info out to everyone and no one feels left out! hopefully.....
So here are the questions!
1- What was the holiday on Monday? How do they celebrate?
- Well on Monday was Brazil's Independence day! Basically what happens is all the stores close and people have barbecue's and sleep all day. Then if they feel like it they visit friends and family. There weren't any fireworks because it was pounding rain ALL NIGHT LONG... So they couldn't do that very well.
2- How are things working out with the area book? Do you have anyone new to teach?
- So through the Blessing/Curse of the Area Book we have found two families to teach that have a member of their family who is not attending church. We also found a family doing contacts knocking (clapping) doors! They are super cool and they are really getting interested. We are working with one lady, She is the cousin of a member who is trying to return to church. She is interested and will pray to find out if the church is true. We have an appointment today with them so that should give us some info on how it went.
3- How often do you get sick? Have you had any other problems? Do you still use your water filter?
- So I haven't been sick in a while now, thank goodness. I think I had the flu AND allergies. So that is why is was so bad for so long. But I have been trying to eat better and drink lots of PURIFIED water instead of the stuff from that devil tap. Thank goodness it hasn't been bad since. I haven't had really any other problems which is nice. It's always horrible to have problems all the time.
4- Is your companion native? What is his home and family life like? Is his leg ok from the dog bite?
- My comp is Native. I don't know too much about his home life but he is a Convert. He has been a member for 6 years and he is 24 years old. He is chill and we have gotten along so far, So its okay really. His leg is fine and he is seeking vengeance on the dog that bit him. I keep telling him to relax and it's funny to watch him.
5-Who are your  most supportive people in the area? What do they do that helps you? Do you like this area?
- This area is really supportive actually. The members help more then any other area that I have had. The Bishopric and really all the leadership are supporting us a lot. so I couldn't name just one or two people that help. They actually ask to go and do visits with us! And the give referrals and they try to come up with ways to get people into the church. So that's awesome really.
6-Do you notice any difficulty due to politics? Does it affect you guys or your work?
-Politics don't affect us really at all. We just talk about Church and stuff, so there really isn't any problems for us. People are sometimes angry and bitter but that's for them to choose.
7-What was the most spiritual experience you had this week?
- Well this week we had a lesson where I read the story from JSH*** and they were listening. We told about Joseph Smith's vision and we invited them to baptism and they accepted! We didn't mark a date but next visit we would like to mark a date. But the lesson went awesome; I know would be great church leaders and they are all super educated. That was a great lesson.

Well that wraps up the questions this week and next week is chalk full of stuff to do. We are going  to leadership council with President so I should have an experience or two to talk about next week. But as for that I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you next week! I love you all and hope you have a great week filled with adventures and spiritual experiences. 
Elder George
***Below is a link for the story that he mentions in "JSH" if you are interested in reading it.( ; of particular note, verses 5-23)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wassup Fam! 8-30-15

Pioneer Activity with the Ward
Friends and Family,
Here we go again! This week was amazing! I finally got my stuff in the mail and I LOVED EVERYTHING that I received! Thank you so much EVERYONE for EVERYTHING you guys have done for me! For those that sent money, thank you so much for you sacrifices! They help a lot here! Alright... So now for the Q and A session from my dearest mother! I will include the Question here so you guys can follow along!
1-How do you proselyte? Do you knock on doors-I mean clap (tracting)? Do you do street meetings or street contacts? Referrals? - So we clap** doors, we talk to people on the street, we use referrals, and really we use whatever we can to try and find new people. When we go to visit people, we usually meet in their house. But if we have a girl or women that we cant get a member to go with us, we just teach outside the house! Its really awesome to do that because then other people can come and say," What are you guys talking about?" and then we can contact them too! That's kinda what we do there.
2-You mentioned some new ideas about approaches to find people to teach. What are some of the things you are trying? - So we are going to be using the area book a lot this transfer to find out if any old investigator would like to be taught again. There are like 200 former investigators, so that will use a lot of time.  There are a lot of Records in the Area Book that aren't complete, for example why the person was cut. So we are gonna be looking for that this transfer.
3-What is the fruit that you are picking from the tree in the pic? Are you holding your comp on your shoulders or taking the pic? - So that fruit(I assume that everyone has seen it...) is something like a plum but its the size of a crab apple and is sourish. It's super good! But I don't know what its called. I was taking the pic because we had just eaten a lot and I had NO energy to try a lift my comp... 

4-What did you think about your package? Did it all arrive there in tact? Were there any things that surprised you? - I loved everything in it! I was surprised about the Mario and Luigi deal that was there! Also about the baseball that everyone signed! That was awesome. Mom, Your little scheme with the book to be opened in private was a crippling blow really. First time I she a tear in a while... Thanks MOM! The CTR ring is awesome and I Already had some comments about it! The ties were amazing and I wore the blue one twice already and the orange one is beautiful! The candy is also well appreciated. The stuff here really just doesn't do the trick.Elder Holland's Book is AMAZING. It has really made an impact on me! I haven't missed a day reading it! Its awesome. The shirts were also well appreciated but they're a bit bigger then the one I came with... But they're the same size... weird. The pens were amazing and I loved the Mandarin House one from the parade! So funny! The socks were also great. Never can go wrong with socks! Potatoes as well! Great stuff there!

5-Did you get all of the cards? - Yes I did finally get ALL the cards! Did Walmart run out of cards?! Thank you so much everyone that sent something! It means a lot to me!
6-How are things with your new companion? - My new comp is super chill. I think we should get along.
7-Are you still the Zone leaders? How is that going? How big is your zone? (geographically and missionaries) - Our zone is the biggest in the mission with 24 missionaries and 5 cities. We are still the zone leaders but we don't really have too much responsibility anymore. There are 2 assistants per zone now so we don't really have any authority anymore. But oh well. I'm not bugged. this week was quite the interesting one with my companion really. When we were sitting down in the shade yesterday these two smallish dogs came up to us. They were barking so we thought it best to be on our way. When we were walking away I looked back and one of the dogs had bit my companion in the leg twice! He had ripped his pants and drawn blood. He had some nice cuts and we may have to go get him vaccinated. So that was quite an adventure!
8-What is the BEST lesson you had this week? (Content and response by investigator) -We had one lesson with a new investigator this week and it was good. We started teaching the Restoration of the Gospel and it was spiritual. When we got there she was all bitter, it looked like, but in the end it looked like she was happy and enjoyed the message. We will teach the rest of that lesson to her this week, so that should be good. We are hoping to get some progression here. 
9-Do you have a challenge for the “little boys?” You haven’t done that in a while; if not maybe next week. - CHALLENGE!!!! My little friends, have you forgotten your promises, or future promises that you have made, or will make, at baptism? My challenge this week is to find ALL the things that you promised at baptism this week. Search the scriptures and talks from General Conference about what baptism is and what it really means. That is one of the most important things that you need to do in life. Remember it!
Well everyone that about wraps it up this week! I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week! Almost a YEAR DOWN for me!
Elder George
**In Brazil it is considered very rude to knock on someone's door. Their custom is to stand outside the gate and clap. Then if the people are home, and want to respond, they will come out and let you in. Also, when they teach female investigators, they do not enter their homes unless there is an adult male in the home. They will teach them outside.

A giant pot of Stove Top stuffing- Thanks mom!