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Book of Mormon

Monday, June 27, 2016

Cookie P-day; 2 Months Left 6-27-16

This week was quite the busy week! WE had appointments like crazy and people that heard us over and over again. We dont know how many will actually progress but we are trying to help them. It is going okay really.
AP's lessons are going okay. She has a few doubt about the Plan of Salvation and that is a little hard because she already studied with a different religion so she thinks its a big difference. We are trying to help. Please pray for her to understand and to accept the Gospel in her life. Really she is the closest one to Baptism right now. The members are also trying to help us more which is great. They are trying to be more available to help in lessons and references. They have great hearts.
Last monday for PDAY we went to Elder and Sister D.'s house to make cookies and learn how to tie knots! It was a grand time and they treated us to dinner! It was great to make cookies in an "American home" again. I wore and aipran (I dont remember how to spell that) and it was funny. I also took some pics of our area. There is like a bike path in the middle of the area that we pass every once in a while. LOTS OF COWS!
We had our usual district meeting and I decided to talk about finding new investigators to teach becasue the district is having a hard time with that... So I taught about having faith to find and we'll see if things get a little better. 
This week we'll have zone conference with President Silva and I hope that it just knocks my sock off because it's my last one! I am looking forward to some really experienced teaching. It'll be great to have that when i get home; LDS Institute classes at BYUI will be great!
Well I was reading this week in Alma about Amulek arguing with Zeezrom and I was struck about how much me and Amulek think similarly. He taught with the environment and logic like I do. I could see a relationship there. After he would talk Alma would come in and testify, and that is when Zeezrom fell and knew he couldnt beat them. I love the story after this point, because it shows even more how people can repent and do the right thing. Give that a read this week loved ones. It really brings peace and courage to do the right thing.
Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Closer ever Closer!
Elder George

Monday, June 20, 2016

10 More Pdays 6-20-16

Well I have to say that this week has been a bit of a challenge for us on the health front and we have been walking about trying not to contaminate everyone while still working and that has been fun I guess. 
We found a guy that likes to debate a lot and he has read the bible 4 times and thinks he knows everything about what Christ wanted his church to be like. He thinks that those requirements have not been met yet. So that is kinda frustrating when he asks for us to show us evidence in the BIble. My comp is super about trying to let them decide by the Spirit but i don't have so much patience. So I whip out my "almost two years of study" and throw it at him and get him at every point and he ends up just saying that it just isn't here even though there is plain evidence in the Bible. So that has been our week really with debate. 
The sister we are teaching is the same as last week. She didnt get a chance to read the Book of Mormon so she didnt know yet if it was true... So we told her to try again and we'll go back tomorrow to see how it went. 
The choir is also going well and some people are trying to start thinking they know all there is to know just because they are doing well know. They wanna do all kinds of fancy warm ups and sometimes I get a little impatient. But we are there to help so that is what counts. We are doing "How great thou art" and it is going well really.
Today we are going to Elder and Siter Davis's House to make cookies and that'll be a blast! So I'll take some pics of that and some more of the area! Next transfers are mid July, but I am really loving my companion. He is definitely one of my favorites! He actually has a twin brother. He's 25 and also has an older sister. He is engaged and his girlfriend went on a mission recently. His family are really good people. He says it is kind of weird that he will see me go home since we met when he arrived in the mission. We will keep in touch for sure after the mission.

We had a zone meeting this week and it was okay... The leaders are a little unexperienced and insecure but they did alright. Next week wll be zone conference with President Silva and that will probably be exceptional as always. If not well... Sad day because it's my LAST ONE! So weird to think about that and next week I'll be able to say that I come home NEXT MONTH!!!! It is going by! Not as fast as everyone says but it is going by! Kind of sad really.
This week I read a talk by President Monson and he talked about having the courage to be a good person even if no one else is. We just need to set our mind to do whats right and GO FOR IT! THat is what I've decided to do this last time that I have here. GO FOR IT! Little ones, be an example of someone who does the right without caring about who sees! That is the most important thing you could do!
But as for big news this week thats what I have a I guess. LOVE YOU GUYS
Elder George

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Week Passed By 6-13-16

So this week has gone by and we have another one in front of us and this week was colder and it should just get colder everyday! Last night it got down to about 30's and it was a bummer because I was getting sick so that made it settle in on me and so I'm reasonably sick today.
Well mom told me about girls camp this week and I thought I would talk about the Brazilian camp for youth. Here in February they take all the youth on a campout to get them away from Carnival! During the week of Carnival there is basically Sodom and Gamorrah all over again and they want to protect the youth from it. So they take the youth and do constructive activities to help them escape. That is something I thought about this week.
One thing that happened this week was we had an activity in the branch to support the missionary work doing contacts and NO ONE went but us and the Davis's... So one thing that you guys could do there is try and support the missionaries in ANYTHING they need. Being a better missionary just involves talking to your neighbors and getting to know them and being good people so they have good references for the gospel. If you do that and give references the missionaries will never have anything to complain about.
We are teaching a sweet lady and she is doing well. We will go back tomorrow to see how she liked the Book of Mormon and what she thinks. We have found quite a few people that we KNOW have felt something from the Holy Spirit and don't want to continue learning from us because of the lack of desire to change. Hopefully it doesn't happen here!
I realized as well that I haven't sent pics in a while so I will try to be better about that this week and get some decent pics of the city and everything else.
I am still a District Leader and that is stress free! I like it a lot more then being a zone leader! I like getting to know the missionaries on a closer basis so that is good about my calling right now.
Well during pday today I will spend it getting better because I am sick like a dog. I didn't even hear the alarm go off because of how many times I was up in the night. It is quite a bust because we planned our hike for today and now we wont go because we are both sick... But maybe another day. 
I guess my best experience this week was district meeting. I trained about diligence and I believe that the other missionaries will improve there. They have difficulty finding new people and that makes things a bit slow and discouraging when there isn't anyone to teach. Sister Davis made cookies for the meeting as well which was a grand thing :-)
But I guess that's it for this week! I love you all and I wish you all a great week!
Elder George

Monday, June 6, 2016

Getting There - 6-6-16

This week in the transfer we stayed together and two other elders stayed. So we will get 2 new elders in the district. Elder and sister D stay in the same area for their whole mission. So we are here for this next transfer. Elder C who was in my apartment in another area will come to this district which will be awesome. It'll be good to see him again!

But other then that this week Our friend John Lennon came into the church and asked Elder D how to do geneology and that was kinda funny. They already know him and are used to his quirks. SO that was funny.

Our lunches this week were mostly at home because there are some members that cant give us lunch at their homes because they work or for other odd reasons. So we didnt really have lunch with members. This week we will have lunch with the Branch Pres. I'll try to get pics this week... If I forget I'm sorry :}
Here is getting colder everyday and we are loving our little space heater. House and apartments dont have central heating or AC. SO we have a little space heater that we love in the bedroom. 
Lessons lacked this week because we lost a lot of investigators again. SO we were knocking doors and street contacting everyday basically. That didnt get us too many results really; we are trying to get more investigators in the way that everyone knows is the worst. But we are working hard and "getting there." We did get one new investigator that is nice and she is curious. We dont know too much about her yet but as soon as we do I'll say more I guess :}

References are lacking ever since the first baptism this area... So that's a bummer. We are doing a contacting activity Saturday so we are hoping for some more references. We will have the choir sing as well and we are working on some songs to perform at the activity. They are getting better at listening and following the director. They are doing great!

This week we made some steaks with some money that the members give us to eat. But I dont really know what I love buying at the store here... Chocolate milk I guess? I dont know!
This week a member was looking through a photo album that I take with me so people can look at my family and where I come from and they said dad seemed like a very funny person. They seemed absolutly sure he were all just fun and games. I told them he is a lawyer and liked to sue people for all they were worth and they got a little nervous! IT was funny as well. I said that really he is chill and they relaxed. Here lawyers apparently arent too honorable people... It was a chuckle.
This week we ate lunch with Elder and Sister D and they made sloppy joes and other stuff that was super good! They also made s'mores for us and Elder D said something that i thought applies to the Gospel. "If the marshmallow catches fire the first time, it'll be easier to catch fire again." I thought that was interesting and can refer to about anything in the gospel whether it be good or bad! If you start reading the Book of Mormon once, its something that will be easier the second time. Unfortunately it works the same way with something that is not good for you; it is easier to do again once you have done it once. So my message this week is be careful with what we start so that we will establish good habits instead of fall into bad ones. 

But I love you all and I hope you ahve a great week! Congrats Bri for getting home! WAY TO GO CUZ!

Elder George