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Book of Mormon

Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting ready for transfers----AGAIN 11-9-15

Friends and Family,

Once again I sit at this computer wondering what I should say to such a broad (or maybe not so broad) audience. HOW ARE YOU!!!? I am fine as we once again approach transfers. We are pretty sure that I and Elder S are gonna leave. I'm sad but also happy but I dont even know yet.... soo we'll see!
It has been raining quite a bit these past few days but everyone is okay and not getting sick thankfully... I dont really want to get sick again...
On sundays we have our meetings like normal in the morning and the rest of the day we do visits and try to find people. We only do one meeting a month with the leaders so that's nice. They don't really talk about anything in relation to Missionary Work... So its nice that it's once a month. 
People have been asking about if I see miracles happening in the mission. I have seen a few but they arent the miracles that we see in the scriptures. They are smaller and really almost unnotable. But this week a sister from Utah asked me to give her a blessing and of course I said that I would. She speaks Portuguese well but I had the feeling that I should ask her if she would like it in English. She said she would after some thought and I started in. First of all I found it a little hard to speak in english after all this time not speaking in english! But when I started to struggle a bit something happened. My mind was clear and I felt as if something was coming out of me. I felt as if I wasnt giving the blessing but watching it be given. When I closed the blessing she stood right up, rubbed her eye quickly, and turned to look at me. When she turned around she was rather emotional. I dont know exactly what she felt but I was hit by the spirit when I knew that I didnt really say anything to her. Her Heavenly Father spoke to her in that moment and She knew it. That was one thing so small but hit us both so hard. That was the bestthing that happened this week.
Well for those of you little ones preparing to reicieve the Priesthood Authority of God, you need to go back and read the talks by President Eyering about the Aaronic priesthood. I will attach them to this below. 
I love you all and I will see you guys soon!
Elder George

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