Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adventure MORMON 3-28-16

I know you have probably been dying to find out what happened this week because of the pictures and everything. May I say that it isn't any grand story. It really was just and accident. But here we go!

Well, on Tuesday night after we closed the day of we were messing around with our nerf guns and Elder Maltez was gonna shoot me. So to avoid it I jumped and spun around and without even noticing where I was when I jumped BLAM!!!! In the door frame.... Forehead full of cement... It didn't hurt all that much at the moment; but as soon as a took my hand off my head I saw it soaked in blood. I thought," Oh no....."  So I went into the bathroom, tried to stop the bleeding and then we called Sister Silva because she helps with the Missionaries health. She said to us,"Well get to the hospital and see what the doctor says!" So we did and may i Say that here in Brazil the hospitals are less than convenient for those in emergency situations. I had an OPEN cut and I went to the receptionist and said "hey I need to talk to a doctor." He said "Ahhhh yes. Well so does everyone else so if you could take a number that would be great." I thought to myself" TAKE A NUMBER?!?!?!?! YOU'RE KIDDING!!?" Oh well. Fine. I take the number, wait for a half hour, then my number is finally called. He asked for my insurance info and then entered everything into the computer, gave me one of those wristband deals that shows that I'm allowed to be in there and let me in. THEN there was a line to see the doctor!!! SO after about 45 more minutes of waiting I finally got to see the Doc. He was on his computer when I walked in and he said, without even looking at me,"How can I help you?" I said (really rather annoyed)," Well, as you can see I've got a little problem on my forehead." He looked up at me and I saw a little more urgency. Then he looked at the cut, cleaned it, and said it would need stitches.... 4 stitches... So great. Get that done and then he says alright you're normal again. I asked about working and everything and I mention sun and sweat and he cut me there and said "Oh no... You cant do that until you get the stitches out... 10 days..." My heart sunk and I thought 10 days at home..... Why me......But after that I went home I slept because it was midnight already and everyday its gotten a bit better and that's where we're at! I should get them out Thursday probably. I'll go tomorrow to see exactly where we're at but we'll see!

My new companion has 15 months in the mission. But he is great, funny, loves to work and have a great time and we get along great so far. We are STILL Zone leaders and the obedience has gotten much better in a few ways. In others we still have some trouble trying to get some people to obey. But that's the normal struggle for leaders. But we threw a party for the new elders that came to the district and that was fun.

I don't have anyone else that write me regularly other then you, dad, Grammy DD, Grammy George, and one friend. It happens in the mission. At the beginning everyone writes and as time goes on people start to fall away because life moves on! It's the way things are.

So because of the accident we could really participate in the #hallelujah initiative which was a bummer for me. We had some pretty good ideas but it just didn't happen. 

The family we are teaching are great. They are already quitting coffee and alcohol and getting ready to get married and so baptism should be around the corner with them! We go back Thursday and we'll see if we cant get them on a date.

But those were the adventures this week! I hope that you feel satisfied with the info and I didn't leave anything out. I love you and I hope you have a great week!

Elder George

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Transfers 3-21-16

Elder Zwick and Elder George
Well this week was transfers and my comp was sent away to Lages. Now I'm with a guy from Rio! AGAIN! It's kinda funny but the people from Rio I get along with well for some reason. I'll send a pic this week and we'll see if you can tell what is different! This transfer will only be 5 weeks because of the thing the MTC did. They decided to keep the missionaries for 3 weeks now to better prepare them. So even if something goes bad it'll be only a little while before the next one.

The conference was super freakin good! I got a picture with Elder Zwick and everything! But he talked about how sometimes in the mission with all the goals we have and the drive to baptize everyone we lose track of the big picture of Establishing Zion. Sometimes people just baptize without a testimony and hope it goes okay to have the number. Then the person leaves the church and they wonder why. So he talked about focusing on new investigators, investigators in the Sac. Meeting, and baptismal dates. He said that ALL goals need focus but those need EXTRA focus. He also told us that in our teaching we need to Simplify, Intensify, and Testify Powerfully. He said that doing those things NOW will help us be able to reap the fruits of the harvest and prepare even more fruits! It was also cool because being a zone leader I got to attend 2 meetings that Elder Zwick gave! He gave one specifically for the ZL's and the STL's and then one for everyone. They were both morning and afternoon sessions, so it took about 6-7 hours each conference. The Exclusive one was way better but the general one was good too. But he is an amazing person and really tries to teach by love.
Florianopolis Bridge

The people in the pics I sent were just missionaries that I met and heard about. They are all really nice and I enjoyed joking around with them a lot. In the general session with Elder Zwick we did a musical number and I sang with the two girls in that one pic. We sang Israel, Israel God is Calling and it turned out good!

The area is the same. Unfortunately we were traveling and My companion was preparing his suitcases, so the work this week was really weak. But this next week we'll really be able to hit it hard and hopefully by the end we'll have a few people with a baptismal date! But M and S are doing great and we'll go there on Thursday. I'll try to take a picture with them to send you guys!
But as far as the week that was it! There isn't too much super funny about the week but it was good! So I guess I'll let everyone get back to life! Love you guys!
Elder George
President and Sister Silva


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One More Week 3-7-16 AND Transfer Week 3-14-16

This week we had a little less than success... But I'll go through the good things.
M and S are doing well but we found out that they have to get married before they can get baptized. They are understanding the lessons and going to church every week. It's just a problem visiting them because they live really far away. We have to go with a member in order to not waste a lot of time going there. So that's the only thing that's hindering right now.

As far as upcoming transfers, I think my comp will be transferred because he has been here for 6 months now and President doesn't usually leave people for so long in an area. We'll have to see though.  I'm hoping to have an opportunity in another area as well, but I don't know what will happen.

So in our house everyone got obsessed with trading things for other things. Throughout the mission I have traded ties on a number of occasions but this time we just took everything out that we wanted to trade and started offering things. I traded the suit coat with Elder Reis for a nerf gun, 3 ties and a tie clip and he loved that idea. I traded some exercise equipment for a jacket, I traded another jacket for a coat, sweater and some colorful socks, and some other stuff. Basically they're all addicted in trading. I think it's fun but we've run out of things to trade.... I liked the suit because it was like a MR. BEAN suit. It is brown and shiny and sweet. He also didn't like it too much and didn't wear it so he offered it to me for that stuff. The trade fest was probably the best thing that happened this week really.
My SWEET traded suit!

This week I wanted to share 1 Nephi 6:1-2 with you because of what it says. It talks about how Nephi won't use the space in these plates for certain info because they need the space for other things. I think it is amazing that the Lord inspired them EXACTLY in what they should write and how they should write it, that we might have those records now. I know that OUR prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, is inspired by God to write and tell us the things that we need to know today. 

Well, that's it this week I guess. Take care and don't die!

Elder George


I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE AND I LOVED IT AS USUAL. I thought to myself when I saw the face soap... wow... what's mom tryin to say..... ;)
BUt thank you for everything. IT means a lot when you send something that really will help me. The simplified hymn book was good too. That'll help me get back into the rhythm. HA pun.
yes, this week is transfers. Next transfer though will be only 5 weeks so that is good. just to help those who come to the mission after visa waiting in the US.
As far as trading clothes, Elder Reis' torso is about the same size as mine. so the suit fit well. I have no idea if I've gained any weight or lost. its been a while since I've measured. 
My comp had to do a root canal last week and finish it today. I probably wasn't very sympathetic with him. Especially since I had a root canal the week before I left for Brazil. But yeah. Sunday we had a manifestation of physical unrest so we had to stay inside all day. That was good to get some stuff done.
This week I dont really know what to share that was spiritual or strengthening. Other then the fact that I see how mom and dad raised me to be more responsible and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Thank you so much for that and I love you guys for that. 
I'm sorry that I don't have more but I have to help Elder Reis with something so I dont have more time. I hope you have a great week and I'll let you know about transfers and if I dont email next monday it's becasue I have been traveling.
LOVE-Elder George

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

After all the Excitement 2-29-16

This week was quite the week and I have a little more time to write today so i'll try to make it count.
Interviews with President were fine. He didn't give me really anything to make me believe that I'm gonna change anything this transfer. So I assume that I'll stay here one more and get a new companion. But we'll see.
The pics were from our lunch appointment last Tuesday! So we have to take a bus to get there and it was amazing out, so I took some pictures of the stuff. 
M and S are doing great. But we found out that they too have to get married civilly. So now we have to work with that. But they want to do what's right and they are working toward baptism. But other then that, the other people are just that. Other people. We don't have too many people that are that interested other then M and S. The others like listening and learning but that's about it.
The Dr Pepper I ordered will get to me probably in late Marchish... when we have our next conference.
Well this week we moved apartments and now we are in a new one. We weren't doing well in the old one so we decided to find a new one and the office approved. We are now much closer to the church. It makes life a lot easier.
I can't seem to recall one scripture that really helped me this week but I've been reading that calendar book from Pres. Monson and everyday it seems to solve one of my problems. I have really learned about agreeing because it's better to agree to do something(as long as it isn't wrong) Then trying to it my way all the time. So that was something that I learned. Just doing it and trying my best to get things done the way they should. I've felt good about that and I'm feeling like I'm becoming a better person because of it.
Well that's what I've got this week. 
Elder George