Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

LAST OF THE YEAR! 12-28-15

Friends and Family!
This week marks the last week of 2015 and that means... well..... it's the last week? But anyway... Hello! And how are all of you after Christmas week!? I am pleased to have heard from so many this time of year and I am grateful for the donations and gifts that have been made for me this special time of life. I know that you will all be blessed because of this sacrifice.

This week was finally another Skype call home and it was fantastic. I enjoyed so thoroughly talking with the family and joking around once more. It was great to see the family and well of course PERCY!! And another dog that I haven't even meet yet... But that was good too I guess. Anyway something interesting happens when I hang up with the family. I'm sad obviously but I feel like it kinda re-energizes a bit. It'll get me to Mother's day for sure!
Anyway, someone asked me about a big storm that happened a few weeks ago. I had described as a land hurricane but that wasn't EXACTLY what it was. It was 70 mile an hour winds more or less and LOTS of rain. One of our windows broke and part of the ceiling came off and parts of roofs came off of other buildings so that was something. But it wasn't really a hurricane. No one was hurt and nothing was very damaged. It was just a bit scary.
During this week, for Christmas, we received various boxes of chocolates and cookies and things which was nice of the members. Kinda like how it happens at home. People give random sweet things and that's that!
We got the transfer call last Tuesday and my companion and I are staying here in Joinville and continuing as the zone leaders. We currently have 4 elders in our apartment, but next week we will be getting 2 more. That will make 6 in our apartment. One of the new guys is my last companion so that will be pretty good.
Elder George and his companion
After our baptism, our teaching pool has shrunken down and that's worrisome. But this transfer, now that there are two sets of missionaries for our area, we can plan a lot better on what happens. So we will be able to be more efficient at finding people. We still have 2 people that we are teaching, and they are in early learning about the church. They are interested but they are gone for the holidays so that is a bummer but we'll see what else we can find!
The family we just baptized, were taught for about 6 months before they were baptized. Because the had to get married and stuff it took longer then it should have but it turned out great. After baptism, we teach them all of the lessons again so we will spend some more time with them helping them settle in.
Christmas here is observed like new years basically with a few gifts thrown in. Around town, people just throw fireworks and eat lots of food and open a  few gifts. At home, I always remembered listening to soft Christmas music in the living room at night as one of the best Christmas memories and here they don't really care about the music. Sad day.
Well everyone I encourage you all to take a look at your priorities and see if there isn't something you could do to fit in some study time throughout your days. Often times there is something we can move around to fit some spiritual time in. I would recommend finding something that you think you need to improve spiritually and trying to find things that relate to that. I KNOW that you will be blessed for that sacrifice of time for learning.
Well Everyone I love you all and I hope you all have a great new years and I'll see you in 2016!
Elder George

Monday, December 21, 2015

That Special Time of the Year 12-21-15

Elder George and his companion

Hello once again and may I say that this year has FLOWN by and we are at the best time of year once again! I was thinking about it yesterday and I realized I havent talked to the family in like 7 months... So that's gonna be great to see them again! It's also weird to think that this time next year I'll be with all of you once again enjoying all the sweet things and great memories of time passed away. This year went by fast. A lot of things happened on this end too. I finished my training, trained a missionary, I was district leader, zone leader, finally baptized a family, and had some of the best memeroies ever and met some amazing people.  
But what happened this week...? On to the events.
This week was the Christmas Conference with President and it was okay. So everything was the same as last year. There were games and a good lunch and we got our letters/packages from the mission office. I got BOTH of my packages from home and that was exciting! Thank you all so much!.
On Saturday, L, E, O, G, B, and B were baptized!! That was amazing!! They all did great and I got to baptize the two sisters. One of them let her foot come out. So, to be sure it wouldn't happen the next time, I told her to put her feet together so she would be completely immersed. Right when I put her under the water, I stood on her feet and made her bend her knees. It went fine after that. They were quite emotional at the end of the meeting and happy that they had made this decision to be baptized.  Since there were 6 baptisms there has to be 6 registers. So,That was a little tricky. But the Spirit was so strong and they all have in mind the goal to go to the temple in a year to be sealed as a family. So we are happy with their commitment. They are doing so well!

This week being Christmas will be great. But we will also probably recieve the transfer call on Christmas Eve. So I will be able to tell my family if I'm leaving or staying in person on Christmas! That'll be weird. But I don't know if I'm leaving yet. We'll see I guess.
But this week that was all the notable things... Sorry this one was so short. BUt IT's time for us to go on to the next thing. I love you all and I hope you all have a great Christmas! Love you all!
Elder George

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas is Here Again-12-14-15

Friends and Family!
Hello again and I am soooo happy! So many good things are happening! YAY HOLIDAYS!
So this last week our family got married and they are on schedule! They are getting baptized on Saturday and we are all excited! They are doing great! I will send pictures of the baptism next week! But please... if everyone could pray for them that they will be able to make this commitment and feel confident! THAT WOULD BE GREAT.
We also this week will have our Christmas Conference. There will be three different zones there partying like none other. There should be a lot of activities and snacks and soda! There will be a secret White elephant exchange and that should be a blast. I dont even know what I'm gonna do... I'll see about that today. But for this week that's what'll happen basically. THis past week it was on and off with the temperature... Looks like this week it should be hot and at the same time rainy.. Which isnt too good for us missionaries. That means it'll be humid and NOTHING will dry like it's supposed to. But patience you know? Actually, last week was the same.... It was humid and hot and rained some of the time... basically tormenting us. But regardless of the annoying weather I am just happy today! Life is GOOD!
I have been reading in the Book of Mormon this week and I cam across Alma's conversion story again and may I say, how powerful can one man be? I love the verse in Mosiah 28 (verse 4) that says that he was among the vilest of sinners and he converted. He became one of the most influential prophets of the Book of Mormon. I love the process of repentence and the oppurtunity that it gives us to be better people. Let us remember the reason why we can repent especially at this time of year. The birth of our Savior should remind all of us of His purpose on the earth. "My Father hath sent me that I might be lifted up upon the cross. That even as I am lifted up so might man be lifted up to me." (3 Nephi 27:14) This time of year we celebrate the birth of Him who claimed victory over death and saved us all. Let us all rejoice and help one another this time of year. And in doing so let us also forgive a friend and forget his wrong doings of the past. Surely if they have gained forgiveness from God, we can also forgive them and forget the wrong that was done. Let us all remember this and "if my friends can help me" (if I can help others) I would start that action today. 
I love you all and I'll see you all soon with a baptismal picture! 
Elder George

Monday, December 7, 2015

Experiences 12-7-15

Well, I have to say I'm proud of all those guys who got out on the mission. I know that without the mission I would not have grown up. The mission helped me do that.
That is great theat my Percy-boy is good from his surgery. I'll have to rememer to ask to see him on Christmas. It's been a year since I've seen him! Yesterday there was a family that had 2 Golden Retrievers and I was in a hairy heaven, basically. 
So yeah every time I say it will be hot, that's what everyone else is says... Then it just keeps raining... and raining... and well raining... Everyone says it should get hot here in a bit...who knows.
I don't know about S., but we really hit it off really. His family is really awesome. They all speak English and they got dinner for us and we talked in English and it was amazing. But he basically told us that because his family is Catholic he will stay that way at least for now... But they are really nice and they want to have us back. And they have a.... GUITAR!!!! Since I got rid of mine, that was really fun as well.
They don't really have much Christmas custom here in Brazil like we do in the US. I'm like the only one with Christmas Decor. They don't really care all that much... Which makes me sad.... :/
The Family we are teaching is doing great and they are very strong. They will be baptized on the 19th. We are very proud of them. They are getting married this Saturday. President doesn't allow us go to the wedding, which I am sad about.
My companion is nice and and we get along well. He just works hard and does his things. And the guys in our apartment are awesome as well. They love to have.... NERF WARS!!! For P-day, today we are gonna go to the church to play. It should be epic. 
So this zone has difficulty keeping the rules. Apparently some missionaries were sent home for breaking some important rules and others just don't have obedience as a priority. My responsibilities are the same; I am responsible to keep track of what they are doing, encourage better behavior, and let the president know of problems that are happening. Sometimes that is hard because others may have more seniority than I do. But that's my life this week really. Can't believe Christmas is in 2 weeks!
Elder Deven George