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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hello once again from the other side of the world! This week was about normal... Kind of slipping into a rut I think. Gonna hit 9 months this week! That is weird. Only a month and a half until my birthday! Even more weird! But anyway let’s get to this week.

This week was mostly slow but we had some good things happen. So yeah!

Firstly we went to another city to do another baptismal interview that went well. He seems nice and The sisters there said that they saw the change that it made for him and his life. So that was great. We also had divisions this week with the Zone leaders. I stayed in our area with....... Elder B! It was just like old times. We had a blast together that day. Not too much success but we made it okay. But that night we had to sleep at their house.... It made like 5 Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit) that night and we only had one blanket and no heater.... It was cold to say the least. We found out that morning the other elder had 3 BLANKETS! I was bitter. Because of that act of injustice, I was sick the rest of the day and I wasn’t happy.

On Sunday we visited with J and D again and J's other daughter was there. Her husband talked about his mission and all the bible bashes and everything and it was great. But that summed up the week.

As for J, she is doing good, but I think she is being sucked back into the world a bit. So we are gonna try and get her back into doing the things she should and it should be good. We have her baptism on date for the 18th of July and we are hoping that she makes it.

The next transfer happens on the July 13th. I don’t think I'm staying but we'll have to see!

Anyway, That's it this week. Those of you boys who responded you name is no longer mud and I was pleased to hear that you are preparing to testify of Joseph and his work. Remember who you are little ones and what we stand for. Especially when that world tries to change the way we KNOW that things should be.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! And a GREAT 4th OF JULY! 

Elder George

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello! 6-22-15

This is a tile of a soccer team that I love here :) He made it for me! I didn't even ask; he just said, "HEY I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!"
Once again another week has passed and I don't have much good news actually...
So this wont be too long.
J wasn't baptized... She feels that she needs some more time to analyze and think about it.. So we will continue to work with her and we would love it if you would include her in your prayers... She needs them.
Other then that we had little work this week because I went to close a mission house in another city and we also had to go to another city to do a baptismal interview. So that's it for the week really.
It is COLD! really cold. And I am wishing that I brought a sweatshirt.... But Its good. I'm super happy I brought the rice bag! There was one night where it was like 30 degrees! And we don't have a heater so that's fun at night.... Its kinda like camping really!
Anyway, that's really all the glorious details of this week. Now we are gonna go take a photo with a tin man outside of the lan house! YAY! He is one of those human statues and so I'm gonna ask him for a photo. We'll see!
Sorry this week was so short but really the things that happened weren't very good so that's why.
Love you guys! And all those boys who didn't send an email your name is mud!
See ya!
Elder George

Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, lets make this fast and to the point. WE have a bus to catch! This week was about normal. We are preaparing J for baptism but we think she might be nervous a bit. So we are gonna try and help her out with that. We hope that she will actually be baptized. This is the closest we have come to a baptism in my mission so far... So we are praying VERY hard. I would be very grateful if you would include her in your prayers this week that she will be able to be baptized and feel ready. Thank you!
Also, I find out today that we could be getting and new companionship living with us! We found out that another ward will start coming to our chapel and so the sisters cant very well stay in the other city AND come to our chapel every sunday... So President will probably trade them with elders and send the Elders to live in our house. BUT I'll probably be transferred by then I think so I won't have to close that house as well. Thank goodness. Missed that by the skin of my teeth, I think.
Other then that it is getting colder and colder here and Wednesday should get as low as 33 degrees! WHAT?"?" Am I in Brazil or what? What the heck. Also they dont have heaters in the houses here and insulaiton... so there isnt any escaping the cold here... So that's an adventure. Like winter camping, ALL THE TIME. So we are trying to keep warm and everything so that is different about here. 
At this time I'd to thank all those who have donated to my mission, especially Grandma and Grandpa George. Thanks SO much for you contributions. It means so much that you support me through all this. I will be sending a "surprize" to you in the mail. :) Not to discredit all other that have donated. I am VERY grateful for all who have donated. It means the world to me.
Well, Chillens, This week you guys should read the story of the Prophet Jospeh with your parents and talk about WHY he did what he did. And I expect SOMETHING of correspondance next week! From the cousins especially. Anyone else feel free to send something BUT you SIX are obligated to send something and read about the Prophet Joseph and if not.... You will be called mud forever more. :D 
Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing form you once again in one weeks time :)
Take care,
Elder George

Monday, June 8, 2015

Wonderful Week!!!!! 6-8-15

Friends and Family,
This week was quite the good one really! We are making real progress with J! She is doing really well and went to church yesterday! So she is on track for baptism on the 20th! So we are hoping, praying and fasting for her! We had a lesson with her last week about prayer, studying the scriptures and obedience and she is understanding it really well. During the lesson I could tell the Siprit was there and so I decided to try and identify it for her. I asked her if there was a change in the atmosphere or the feelings that she gets when we come and go and when she reads the scriptures and prays and she said there was a real difference. So we told her about what that is and she seemed to understand it well and accept it. We have another appointment tomorrow with her so I will let you kow how it goes! Pray that it goes well!!!
Other then that I found out today that a nearby area is going to close so the missionary house there has to be closed and guess who has to do the move...... ME!!!!! YAY!!! Another freakin move. It hasnt even been a month!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! But oh well. Maybe Heavenly Father is trying  to teach me something about moving so that I can apply it for the future.... :/
We had our district meeting and it went well. I had one of the sisters do a trainging on the gift of tongues and she did well. I trained on humility and its always fun to train on things that are really broad like that. It went well and the district is doing really well with getting new poeple and baptizing. I will probably have 2 interviews one thursday for the sisters and so that should be good! I hope to have to have J do an interview with the Zl's so that SHE can be baptized. We'll see. So the way that the interviews work is I do the interviews for everyone and the ZL's do them for us. It works well. 
Well, thats about it this week. I love you guys and remember little ones to eat your fruits! They could be expensive in the Mission Field!! Love you guys. See you Later
Elder George

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Letters from Presidente Silva 6-2-15

Note from Elder George's Mom:
We received these letters from Presidente Silva today about Deven's callings to serve as a Trainer and a District Leader. He has commented about the responsibility he feels trying to fulfill these two callings. I appreciate the growth and maturity I can see in him as he diligently serves. I am so thankful for the opportunity Elder George has to serve the Lord at this time.

Elder George
District Leader
Thank you for preparing such a wonderful missionary, Elder George is a great missionary and a fine young man. We are pleased to announce that he has been called to serve as a District Leader. District Leaders provide the vision of the work for the rest of the missionaries. The extra work load is tremendous, and they are still expected to bring souls to Christ through baptism. His responsibilities will include training all missionaries in his district (which includes 4-12 missionaries), conducting district meetings, conducting baptismal interviews, solving problems within his district, and informing the president of serious problems that may exist. We are overjoyed to have him as a District Leader. We know that he will execute this responsibility with the same degree of faith and diligence he has demonstrated in every other assignment and responsibility he has been given during his mission.
We express our love and gratefulness, you have a wonderful missionary! We love him, and we know that the Lord loves him. We will continue to care for him, please continue to communicate with him. Letters and e-mails are very important to full time missionaries. He is in the Lord's care.
Presidente Ramilfo E. Silva

Elder George
It is with great pleasure that we inform you that your missionary, Elder George, has been made a "Trainer" in the Brazil Florianopolis Mission. This additional responsibility comes to him because of his proven service as one of the most trusted missionaries in this mission. Trainers have the responsibility of preparing the next generation of missionaries who will continue the work of the Lord, even after the trainer has returned home. For this reason, only the most faithful missionaries are selected to be trainers. As a trainer, your missionary will have the opportunity and responsibility to implement the "Twelve Weeks Program" with a missionary that has recently arrived from the MTC; teaching and training: the lessons, planning skills, teaching techniques, how to form relationships with leaders and companions, and to testify of Jesus Christ and his Atonement as well as the restoration of the Gospel. These experiences will be of benefit to him throughout his entire life. We know that your missionary will execute this new responsibility with the same degree of diligence that he has demonstrated thus far on his mission.
We ask that you continue to write him regularly! Communication from home is very important to full time missionaries. We want you to know that we love your missionary. He is in the Lord's care!
Presidente Ramilfo E. Silva

Monday, June 1, 2015

Helloooooooo! 6-1-15

How is everyone!? I am a little stressed but I'm pretty sure everyone know why already. Being a parent is not the easiest thing in the world and I just feel more tired everyday! But my son is a good boy and tries not to break the rules I think. He just gets carried away sometimes. I am learning the language a LOT faster so that's good. ANYWAY!
This week was quite the different one. We got one more investigator with a baptismal date and that was really good. 20th of June. We are trying to help her prepare for that right now. We have a lesson with her today with a few members. So that'll be good I think.
Also this week there were 3 child baptisms! 2 on Saturday and one yesterday! I was really struck at the 3rd. I felt the Spirit INSANELY strong when President Dal Toe stepped into the font with his son and said,"Tendo sido comissionado por Jesus Cristo, eu te batizo em nome do Pai, e do Filho, e do Espirito Santo, Amém." It made me once again sad that I myself haven't done that... but we are hoping that we will this transfer.
This week I was thinking about the 2000 stripling warriors story. I thought about it compared to missionary life. There are few missionaries compared to the army of the world that we face. BUT, we have been taught by our mothers that if we do not doubt, God will deliver us. We will triumph over our foes. Then there is a verse in Alma chapter 57 that says how great was Helaman's joy to find that NONE of the young men had fallen to death in the heat of combat. BUT, EVERY single one had a battle wound. I then thought about that compared to missionary work. We, as missionaries are fighting the battle of salvation and during the fight we take wounds and hits spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically. BUT, if we remember what we have learned, we WILL not fall in the heat of combat.
I bear my witness of these things. I know that I have learned of the truth of these things these past months as discouragement and sadness come and go. If we do what we can and let the Lord handle the rest we WILL Triumph over all of our foes. 
I love you all and I hope you all have a great week and I thank you all for everything you have done for me. Until next week!
Elder George
Note from Elder George's Mom:
Deven talks about "parenting" and his "son." That is missionary lingo: a missionary who trains a missionary first out of the Training Center is the "Father," and the one being trained is the "son."
He also refers to a story in the Book of Mormon. The Ammonites were once a violent people who were caught in conflict with the neighboring peoples. A missionary came to them and their hearts were changed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Because they chose to embrace the Gospel, they decided to make a covenant with God that they would not ever fight in a war again. At one point, they were even being slaughtered by another group, because they would rather die than break their covenant with God. They were befriended by a group called Nephites who became their protectors. There came a time when the Nephites, who were trying to protect themselves and the Ammonites, were struggling against those who would conquer them and take away their freedoms. The Ammonites had 2000 young sons who had not made that same covenant not to fight. Despite their youth and inexperience, they volunteered to fight for their people. Helaman, who was their leader, called them his "sons" because of the fondness he had for them. Helaman describes them as:
And they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all—they were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted. Yea, they were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and to walk uprightly before him.” (Alma 53: 21-22)
After a severe battle, Helaman reports that although ALL of the young men had been wounded, none of them had died. It is a beautiful story the of faith and courage of young men who lived for what they believe. Here is a link for the story if you are interested.
(See Chapters 53-57)