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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New 11-23-15


Goodbye from the bus
Well after 11 hours on a bus last Monday I arrived at 7 AM. When we got to the apartment I started unpacking and come to find out our lunch for that day had fallen. So we went to a restaurant with the money the member gave us and it was the single best restaurant I have tried in Brazil yet. The buffet was absolutely fantastic and they had freshly made juice and meat grilled in front of you.... Face with 'OK' gesturePerson raising both hands in celebration WIN!!! Later that day we went to contact a reference and come to find out it was a 16 year old girl that had been a foreign exchange student near my home!!!! So When we got there, I saw her and I just started speaking English with her! She is super chill and basically already knows it's all true just doesn't want to be baptized until she's 18. It was cool to see someone from close to home. She came back to Brazil in May and she said she knew a few people from my high school! So that was awesome really. 
Wednesday we had lunch with some investigators with dates for baptism and they are elect. It's a family that have already DECIDED that they WILL be baptized on the date. So it looks like I'll have 5 baptisms here! They are nice and they are getting married and then baptized the week after!
So Bob  sent me a referral of a friend of his that lives here! I looked at it and it's the area right next to us! So I called him up and we are gonna go and visit him this week! SO call our dear friend Bob and tell him I will start teaching S. He should be happy about that.
Thursday was hot. It got up to about 100-ish as the sensation and it was humid. So we walked about dying for a bit and then we went home because it started to rain.... Like pour.... Like more then I've seen in Brazil. I looked out at the road and the tire of the cars were like underwater. That wasn't very good to walk in so we couldn't leave again after.
Friday was the district meeting and the other Elders in our district seem chill but one is very serious. He tried to burn me that I hadn't baptized yet and I reminded him of Matthew 7. "Judge not..." He stayed quiet after  that. When we went to an appointment later that day a member saw us and stopped to talk to us. Then he asked me where I was from. Just to tease him I said I was from Germany. He said," Really? I thought you were Brazilian!" I started to laugh and I said I was American and he was like," No! You cant be American! You're lying to me!" Then he left and I couldn't stop laughing. First time that's happened. Then that night I found out that in this area there is a rule for the missionaries that when there is thunder we can't leave the house. I thought to myself that it was just someone who was lazy that said that; but apparently there are people that get struck by lightning here so I've heard... So that is interesting for this area.
Saturday was a day of temptation and sin. Apparently there was a bunch of parties going on and so EVERYONE was using the buses to go to parties and such. As we were waiting for our bus 30 some girls got off a bus in front of us and they weren't wearing much of anything at all. I looked at my companion and said," How? How does this only happen to the missionaries?" So that was Saturday really.
As far as the area we have about 20 miles of area that we take care of. So we use buses a lot and walk even more. There is a member that lives like an hour and a half from us so we take a bus and then he picks us up afterword. Huge ward boundaries! The food here is mostly the same and the people in town are pretty nice and accepting it seems. But time will tell. My companion is Elder C. and is from Argentina! He is cool and I'll send pics later of us doing cool stuff. We live with another set of missionaries and they are Elder F. and Elder C. Elder C. our housemate is American! SO I won't have to go through the holidays alone! There was another set in our apartment too, but they were transferred because one of them decided to break some fundamental rules. So he went home and the other was transferred. So now there is us four. YAY!
Well that is about it for today. Let me know if you have questions! Love you all!
Elder George


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