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Book of Mormon

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

After The Storm 10-26-15

This week was a good week and some interesting things happened. Lets get to it.
Tuesday was really hot... It was 34-36 Celsius (93-96 F) all day and we were dying.... humid and hot and well yeah. We also found out that our interviews with president would be on Thursday so we had to get that all planned and make the ticket schedule for the travelers. We got that all sent and the secretaries called us and said that they were basically gonna change everything because president didn't like it. Well okay then. I was curious about that because I sent the same itinerary to them that we did for the last interviews. But apparently that wouldnt work again. We did that and that was Tuesday.
Wednesday we reicieved the Elders at our apartment and talked about doctrine and things. We had our ward activity that night and we talked about the commandments and made some hand signs to remember them all. We also played hot potato which was fun. There was also a HAIL STORM that night when it was hailing the size of a golf ball!!! CRAZY!!! The power went out and it was really noisy becasue of the hail and thunder... Kinda scary and we found out later that some of the houses got holes in the roof! Scary stuff.
Thursday were interviews and they went smoothly and in my interview president told me to be ready for new responibilities. Sounds like I'm probably gonna be transferred.
And the weekend was normal after that. We had a broadcast from Sao Paulo from the area presidency and that was really cool. They talked a lot about missionary work and they broadcast from the MTC! I saw some of the people that I knew from there and it made me miss them a bit. But the messages were good and funny and made a difference for those who heard it.
Dad asked for some info about the food. Some of the foods that I will miss here are the tropical fruits, pastels, and the style of pizza. The fruits here are a lot better then Idaho. They are a lot cheaper as well. We have pinapple, mango, starfruit, limes, and bananas that are out of this world. And they're super cheap relative to Idaho. Pastels are like little calzones that you put meat, cheese, ham, onion, and even chocolate in and they are dep fried. Apparently there is a memeber here who wants to start a pastel business in the northwest US someday! That would be cool if in a few years there were pastel places in the US!!! But if not I will miss them becasue theryre super cheap and depending on where you go theyre huge!!  The pizza as well is different. Its more flat crust with more toppings. The flavors are different as well more or less. There are 4 cheeses which I will miss a lot!!! It is super cheesy and there are some liquid cheeses that they use to make it amazing.  They also have that dessert pizza that I sent pics of and that is.... Well... to die for.
Well family sorry I don't have more but I have some other stuff to get done. Love you guys! Take care!
Elder George

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