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Book of Mormon

Monday, May 2, 2016

New Week - May 2, 2016

Well I have to say that I am loving this new area and the branch and my comp. Everything here is homey and everyone is so welcoming for us and people are constantly trying to invite us over to eat. It's really a great thing. My comp was here only one transfer  before me so we are trying to get to know the area a bit still but we are doing well on that front. We have a few investigators that we visit and they are doing well. We should have a few baptisms here in a few weeks but we had one on THURSDAY!!! So that was a welcome to the area! We were really happy becasue he was Athiest a year ago and his wife was a member of the Church, but not involved, and didnt want anything to do with the church. But now theyre both going actively and doing super well!
So on Sunday, for Mother's day, I will probably be on the Computer to Skype at about 4 here so it should be about 1 PM there.Does that work for you guys? We will go the Elder and Sister Davis's house and they'll let us use their stuff. They are a missionary couple from the states that serves in our area too! They are really nice and Sister Davis makes ALL kinds of American foood. So that makes me happy :-D
It has been a lot colder here since I got here and I love it! NO MORE SWEATING!!! Yes, we are starting to get into winter but it hasn't QUITE gotten here yet. The culture and architecture here is basically Brazilian. Nothing really too European-like here. As far as I know none of our contacts go to school at the University in town. Basically no one stays here to go to school. They all go to Florianopolis.
School for kids is basically the same as there. Summers off and a few holidays during the winter when no one does anything. But they have differnt times for the different ages. Like the little kids in the moring, the middle school age in the afternoon and the high school at night so they can work during the day if they want. But its monday thru friday so thats the same.
Well the best thing about this week was definitely the baptism. But the funniest was probably the branch choir here. They are really struggling and Sister Davis, who's Portuguese is a little rough, was getting all stressed without some help. So she asked me to help them and we went. I tried to help and it turned out better. Sister Davis told me how relieved she was to have someone there to help. We also played cards with the family whose dad was baptized this week and that was super funny. It was just like old times and I got a little trunky for those nights when we would play Catan and just laugh and laugh. But it was fun.
But I think this week I remembered the scripture in Jacob. "Oh be wise. What can I say more?" Sometimes we get caught in what we want to do and not what SHOULD be done and what needs to be done. I know that when we try to think more about what we do, the Spirit will help us to be wise. Then we will be able to have the Spirit more in our lives to help us in our trials. We will learn to recognize His presence in our lives and His love for us.
I love you all!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Elder Deven George

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