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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Busy Week 5-23-16

Last week wasn't too busy but this one will be!
So our next transfer is in two weeks and we are hoping and praying not to be changed. But it's slim chances that we would be transferred, so that's good. Well after church we generally do the same thing which is visit people that went to church and try to find some other people to teach. Really the only different thing that is on Sunday is the church meetings. We also help with the ward choir but that's it really. Same old thing.
I will send pics with the family of the Branch Pres. next week because we have lunch with them this week.  So there'll be pics next week for sure. I sent pics a while ago I think. I don t know how long its been but its there.
So this week we will baptize a 9 year old girl. Her parents were members of the LDS Church who don't participate and now she lives with her grandparents who do participate and they wanted her to be baptized and so we taught her and she'll be baptized Sunday!
Well all the people that WERE progressing cut us this week so we're back looking for people and only finding once in a while. But we aren't giving up!
I have a lot of people trying to give advice about my future and telling me I have to make the difference for the US. Its kinda funny when people say that because there's never just one person. But they also give other advice, saying things like "you have to provide, so do something that makes money," and others say "do what you love," and so it's a little complicated. But people are talking to me about it. 
I don't really understand until today about what people see in me. They seem to say, after seeing old pictures of me, that I'm better now and I shouldn't have any trouble now because I'm not a kid anymore. Ha! Apparently being a kid doesn't attract people. But now they are saying that I look better and it should take too long until I'm dating. Who knows.
There is this guy that stops at least daily talking about random stuff. He thinks that he is John Lennon and that everyone faked his death, stole all his money and dumped him in Brazil, and now he'll get revenge on everyone and expects us to help him. It's funny every time because he's a little out of his mind so we say some stuff and he gets a little bitter or excited or anything else. Funny guy.
This week we'll have interviews, a baptism and stake conference and so we'll be busy with all kinds of good things. Today we'll try to go on a hike but its a little too cold for that right now he says so we'll see...
Well As far as the REALLY interesting things that's it!
I was reading my President Monson book and he said something really interesting that has helped me repeatedly and that is:  God is always with us through trials and that President Monson knew that even when his wife passed away. Through something that would have been the hardest thing for him, he knew that is was the right time and he isn't alone. I know that too. We are NEVER alone and when we do what's right we will be able to feel that stronger.
Have a good week!
Elder George


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