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Book of Mormon

Monday, May 30, 2016

3 Months Exactly! 5-30-16

Well starting today is the 3 month countdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so exciting to think about. This week the transfer call will be coming and my companion and I are really hoping to stay another one together. He really likes to work and we get along really well. I would be sad to have one of us moved after only one transfer. But I dont think we will.
This week was interviews with the president and they were the same as always... There is a part where President talks for a while about rules and then gives a training. He talked about the new dress code for sisters and didnt bring ANYTHING for the elders up. So that might just go unnoticed in this misison. But then interviews started and I just asked him a few doctrine questions and that was it. We ended up getting home super late because the bus was an hour and 15 minutes late... So that wore us out. 
We did have lunch with the Branch Pres the week and it was awesome! They smoked fish and made salad and fries and they had soda too. They are 4 in all. The couple, a son who is in Utah at Business college, and a daughter. Pres. Alves challenged me to ping pong and that was fun. He is good. If I had a better racket I could have done better ;) But we always leave a message with everyone. Part of the job. But it's good. Something quick and nice. The only bummer was is they were with company but they wanted us to come anyway. It was a little Awkward. Oh Well
Yesterday was Stake Conference. It's the same setup as at home. Elder Mazzagardi was there and he talked about experiences and trips and such. The best talk was the 3 minute testimony by President Silva, our mission president. He always does a great job. He talked about being a man like Christ. It was great for only 3 minutes.
Last night however we had a baptism which made everything better! Our 9 year old got baptized and her family was there to support her but not many from the branch. But it was a good meeting and my companion baptized her.
"John Lennon" basically asks us about the same thing each week. He was a little calmer this week. A few weeks ago he wanted to do something to the governor becasue he "robbed" John lennon.... So that was a little frightening but he got some strong meds and that was that :)
Well I finished up Abinadi this week and I love his example of being a believer until the end. He is one example of daring to be a Christian. I love that quote from President Thomas S. Monson.
Dare to be a Mormon,
Dare to stand alone.
Dare to have a purpose firm,
Dare to make it known.
There are ETERNAL truths in this quote. If we could all stand for righteousness and goodness we would be able to be like Chirst more fully. We would be member missionaries and temple worthy. What advice from a Prophet of God and a man I love. He is a prophet. He was called by God. God lives and He directs this work. Let us all press on in  the work of the Lord!
I love you all and I wish you all a happy memorial day!
Elder George
Below is a link for the Story of Abinadi: Mosiah chapters 11-17.

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