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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Totally lost 5-16-16

 So this week I'm totally lost on what to tell you guys... Really today was a week where I was waiting for time to pass doing the same old things. We didn’t have too many GREAT lessons. We mostly just talked to a lot of people and got rejected but hey that’s part of life.

That sounds super exciting about graduation finally! It's hard to believe that the people that were sophomores when I was there are now graduating. That is pretty bizarre really. I can’t even imagine my sister being done for 6 years now! CRAZY! Smoked salmon for Mothers day??!?! It seems like the best foods I ALWAYS MISS!!!! ARGH! We have to make something like that when I get home! JEALOUSY!
So, I haven’t gotten mold on my clothes before, but I've had cockroaches in clothes before..... GROSS!!!!! And I had a spider once..... WORSEEE!!! I've grown to appreciate dress pants these past months that I have some now that I have botten and found in houses that I will FOR SURE wear at school with tee shirts. I also found and insane sale last year of some Nikes that I swooped up without any problem so that it something that I'll looking forward to. Mostly I miss all the shirts B. gave me... I'm excited for the ones I left home... the ones I brought are getting a little beat up in the washing machines here.

Those sure are incredible experiences that Sister Croshaw and Sister Buchanan shared. We haven’t had one of those exactly yet but probably soon there'll be something here soon. Miracles happen every day! This week we talked with literally everyone on the road and got some return appointments. We are trying really hard to build up our teaching pool. It's going okay so far. We'll have a baptism on the 29th and that should be great. The work goes on!

Here, for District meetings, we have this folder of topics we have to follow now. I'll show the folder better when I get there but its about a missionary conference that the missionary department did in January. I don't make up my own stuff now, I have to use something from that packet or else I'm breaking the rules. Elder and Sister Davis generally bring treats or something since they have more time to make things at home. They work with less actives most of the time.  

I LOVE MY COMPANION AND ONLY BEING IN TWO! With just the two of us in the apartment it is SOOOO much easier to keep things clean. Well there are ants and bugs and no carpet so you can see all the dirt and so that is a bummer...My companion is from the same group as the guy I trained so he's got another year to go. Also, I have contacted the Branch President's son that lives in Utah and it seems like we'll get to be good friends! He is super chill and he likes most everything I do. Another bro! 
Well this week I was studying in Mosiah 4 and I found a verse where he tells everyone to think to themselves, "I don’t have anything to give but if I did I would give it." When we don’t have anything more to give, before we can't be self-sufficient, we need to have in mind that if we had more we would give it and have that spirit of giving. I know that we are blessed because of it.

Well I'm sorry that this week is so short but I just don’t have any idea what I should write.... Let me know what else you wanna know! 
Love you all and have a great week!

Elder George
Mosiah 4: 24 "And again, I say unto the poor, ye who have not and yet have sufficient, that ye remain from day to day; I mean all you who deny the beggar, because ye have not; I would that ye say in your hearts that: I give not because I have not, but if I had I would give."

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