Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last One Down 5-9-16

Ward Mission Leader served with a friend from home!
 Well with this last Mothers Day down. It has taken a long time to get to this point and I'm still not done yet. I hope to be able to finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese before I come home. It is about 100 pages longer than in English so it is harder to do. I imagine the fish for Mother's day turned out amazingly and everyone was super thrilled about it. I sure was happy to have the cold chicken sandwich that Sister Davis made for us yesterday. It had been so long since I had had one that it just made my day! YAY CHICKEN!
Mom asked about miracles I've seen on my mission. Last week, there was an electrical part which went bad in our shower (the water is heated in the shower heads-standard for Brazil). We bought the new part, switched off the breaker, replaced the part, and switched the breaker back on. It still wasn't working, so we called a member of the branch to come and have a look at it. When he turned off the breaker marked "shower" and checked it, the electricity was still on; the breakers had been mismarked and that switch that I turned off did NOT turn off the electricity to the shower but to the lights somewhere else. He asked if I had made the repair under these circumstances. I said yes-I had taken the old part out and reattached the new wires to the new part. We realized that those wires should have been flowing with electricity--220 volts, which is the standard in Brazil. I had been protected from the electricity.
Another miracle that I remembered that happened was one night we were coming home and there was this drunk guy that was following us that was shouting some pretty absurd things at us and When he got close to us, out of nowhere he just stopped and turned around and walked calmly away. I thought that was weird and my comp did too. I felt that we were protected and that was cool.

I mentioned that I knew that I was here for a reason and that was because of S. and the man that was baptized here last week. They both expressed to me that I had helped them to understand and accept baptism. Even though S. didn't get baptized while I was in my last area, he told me when I was leaving,  "Thank you for bringing the truth to me and my family. We didn't even know it, but we were looking for this." He told me that I should always keep in touch and I told him I would try.That is why I know I was supposed to be here. That has made the difference of all those times I had no idea.

I said I have a hard time with faith and that is true. I like to see evidence of things. But I am starting to understand more and more the things the Lord does for me. Because I was here, I know He helps me to become a man that a wife and kids will be able to rely on in rough and good times. 

Just to thank Mom again, Thank you for being my mother. You made ALL the difference in my life because of your example and your belief. I wanted to believe and because of your belief; I let that desire work in my heart until I had my own. I know these things that I have been teaching on my mission are true! They bless us and our families! GOD LOVES AND KNOWS US AND WHAT WE NEED TO GROW AND LEARN! He has passed through every trial and pain and challenge so that we do not have to do so alone.

Have a great week. And remember to look for the good in everyday!
Love Elder George

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