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Book of Mormon

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Area-4-25-16


So as you can see I was transferred... I have to say it's about time but I also will miss 2 families incredibly. It is something I didnt think would happen here but lo and behold it did. I will really miss S's family. They were so great and I was sad to leave them. I will also miss that "new Family." They were really nice and i hope they continue to progress. But I got transferred to Biguaçu which is the Stake on the Coast of FLORIANÓPOLIS! I finally got to stay around the island for the first and probably last time. But I'm here now and my companion is Elder Valadão. He is from Northern Brazil and got here with Elder B Ribeiro. So he has been here about a year already. It is very possible that he is my last comp. But we'll have to see! He seems nice and the area already seems decent. The apartment is okay. Not to big but it's good enough for just two. I am now a DISTRICT LEADER again! I am excited. I will be the District Leader for 2 other areas and the SENIOR MISSIONARIES' DISTRICT LEADER! It's pretty awesome. I havent met them yet but I've only heard good things about them. Also Elder Maltez followed me here and is in my District again! That was funny. Elder Stahn was called to be a new secretary as well. So we will see each other every once in a while still. but those are the major changes for me!

So I looked at the list of cities where the Olympic torch will pass and it PASSES my new area!!! So I will totally try to get pictures! it will come through on the 12th of July and I'm pretty sure I'll be here still so that will be awesome!

The pic I sent was our District and we had a district meeting before transfers. We also did lunch all together becasue everyone was given money for lunch. So we made yakisoba and it was amazing! I was very happy.

When we teach we really just look at what they need to be taught on the records and then we teach it. We use the missionary pamphlets ( and Preach My Gospel ( ) and the scriptures. We prepare just like if we were preparing a talk for Sunday.

Our visit with S. was incredible. We talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and our life to prepare to meet God and it was great. The Spirit was strong and they agreed to be stronger to get their marriage figured out so they could be baptized.

Well for the most part I would just like you all to remember to serve others this week. It is so easy to forget to serve others.  I know that through service and acts of random kindness we can make friendships and be blessed more then ever before. I know that we are blessed when we sacrifice for the Lord.

Well I love you all and I'll send you pics next week with all the new stuff!
Elder George

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