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Monday, September 28, 2015

WHOA!!!! WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!!!!! 9-28-15

One year old missionary shoes

Friends and family,
Today is the last Pday before I make a year!!! WHAT????? Life...
Anyway I just wanted to thank eveyrone for everything that you have done for me and all the support. It means the world to me to know that everyone cares that much about me. Never will I ever be able to make that up, but I hope you all know I love you guys.
Anyway, enough of the sappy sappy. Lets go to the questions of the week!
1-Who is in the pics you sent this week? And why did you send a pic of Captain America?
 - well most of them were our zone. The one with the sister is an Amercan sister that is in our zone. She is one of the few American sisters in the mission. So we took a pic. The reason why I sent the Captain America one is becasue I took that and the people here compare me and Elder S to Captain America. SO I sent that home ;)
2-What is your apartment like? We haven't really heard about that. High rise? Size? In a residential area or more city like? Primarily, are you in a pretty safe area?
 - Our apartment is in a residential area. It is a 3rd floor and its pretty decent now that we are really taking great care of it. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, a kitchen, service area, and a living room. We also have a balcony witha  hammock! So that makes Pdays the good life ;) This city is really the safest I've been in yet. there really isnt anywhere thats dangerous. SO Mom you can take a breather. ;)
3-Have you ever received the post cards I sometimes send?
- I have gotten some postcards from people... Mostly from Brother B but I did get one from Mom that I remember off the head.
4-How are your investigators doing? Are you still having people progressing and learning?
 - The poeple are good. We are having some trouble with investigators running from us. They dont want it and the just dont tell us. They just cancel appointments and dont answer... so thats annoying but life goes on.
5-Do you serve in just one ward? or do you cover more wards?How many people are in your ward, approx. Is the church gigantic? It looks HUGE from the pic I saw on Google Maps. Smiling face with smiling eyes
 - Well there are two sets in our ward and there are 4 wards in the city and the stake is in like 5 cities. In every ward in this city there are 2 sets of missionaries. Because the areas are so big and we dont have cars or bikes there has to be two sets or else nothing would get done. Our ward isnt very big. There are about 70-80 active members. THe chapel is big because two wards meet at the same time here. They dont usually have that... So thats why it is so big..But the chapel at home chapel is WAYYYY bigger then this one... Just to give a frame of mind.
6-What blessings can you see in your life because of being on a mission? (name at least 3)
 - Well, first I learned how to speak another language and be able to communicate with all the people in their own language. That was tough but that definitely is something that I can use for the rest of life. Second, I learned the power of repentance and the role it is in our lives, but without the Atonement we couldnt even repent so... I guess I learned the power of the Atonement then. Third, I learned for myself that God really does live. I know he Loves each and every one of us and he KNOWS us more then we know ourselves. 
7-What is something you really miss about home?
- Well, I REALLY MIISS A BIG THING OF PEANUT BUTTER.... AND HOT COCOA.... AND.... well.... snow but I dont know how that would work to send... But if you could send a few packages of those instant PEanut Butter cookies I would be SUPER grateful :D
8-Will you share an experience where you saw God’s hand in your life recently.
- Well, this week we had our Zone Conference and so we had to train all of the missionaries in front of president. I was a little nervous because my companion worries about things. So When we got to the time to train he just kinda locked up and I had to step up. I just swallowed and went and did it. And it was awesome!!! I really felt that God was inspiring me to change things on the fly and it really made a difference. That was really what I saw this week!
But that sums up the questions this week! I love you all And I WISH YOU ALL ONE YEAR LESS UNTIL YOURE NOT RID OF ME ANYMORE :D 
Elder George

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