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Book of Mormon

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week of Burning 9-14-15

Friends and Family,

This week was the week of all burnings. Apparently there was a LOT of disobedience throughout the mission and Presidente emailed everyone about it. We also had leadership council with him this week which I will explain later. Lets get to the questions and answers then! 

What happened with the conference? What was interesting or meaningful to you?

 -Well it was the normal leadership council that they do monthly but with a lot about obedience and The things that come if you aren't obedient. So it was a strong burning for everyone. It wasnt very personal or anything so that was good and I'm not taking it too personally. I thought he conference itself would be a lot bigger then it was. We also got all the mail and stuff for the zone. It was a bummer because we were on a bus for 20 hours this week because of it. Super long!

You sent a lot of pics with different girls…..who are they all? (dad said, “how come he is standing by a girl in so many pictures?”) And were some of the pics with Elders from the MTC?

-So most of the girls we in our last district.  Most of them are leaving this transfer so thats why there were so many pictures. And yeah! There were all the members, except one Elder, from our MTC district there at the conference! I saw people I haven't seen in a year! So that was cool!

Did you stay in Florianopolis for that conference? Where do you stay? Who feeds you?

-So we were on a bus both of the nights. So we were exhausted this week. We had lunch at a resturaunt and we had to provide everything else. We left at 9PM on tuesday and arrived at 530 AM the next day. WE stayed all day, and had our bus back at 9 PM and we got home at 630AM on thursday... Lots of bus time.

I LOVE the pic of the picnic. I notice that there are 5 of you in a couple of pics. Is someone in a 3 person companionship? Is that your house you are outside of, or somewhere else?

 -Actually he is a missionary that just got home! He is super cool and he went to Belo Horizonte. So when he got home we were invited to lunch with them! It was super cool. His parents aren't members but that wont last too long now that he got home. We're gonna start working with them this next week I think.

I love that you have found some new people to teach. How are those lessons going?

 -The lessons are good! We found another family that is doing well. They are gonna read and pray about the Book of Mormon and we'll see what happens! A. couldnt meet with us this week. So we'll see what is going on next week!
Tell me something that you have learned or is important to you from this first half of your mission.

-  I learned that no matter how it may seem time passes FAST. You never know when your last day will come so you need to do your best everyday just in case there isn't a tomorrow. NOT that I've been in life or death situations! But just thinking about life, that's how it is.

Well everyone, Thanks so much for all the support and I hope everyone is reading their scriptures! At least a verse per day! That is a challenge for everyone! Don’t let the habit die!

With Love, Elder George

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