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Book of Mormon

Thursday, September 10, 2015

One More Week Gone 9-8-15

Friends and Family,
Well this week I will follow the same style as the other weeks and answer the questions that were made to me! If you guys have a question and want me to answer, email me! I don't have enough time to email EVERYONE EVERY WEEK. So this system gets info out to everyone and no one feels left out! hopefully.....
So here are the questions!
1- What was the holiday on Monday? How do they celebrate?
- Well on Monday was Brazil's Independence day! Basically what happens is all the stores close and people have barbecue's and sleep all day. Then if they feel like it they visit friends and family. There weren't any fireworks because it was pounding rain ALL NIGHT LONG... So they couldn't do that very well.
2- How are things working out with the area book? Do you have anyone new to teach?
- So through the Blessing/Curse of the Area Book we have found two families to teach that have a member of their family who is not attending church. We also found a family doing contacts knocking (clapping) doors! They are super cool and they are really getting interested. We are working with one lady, She is the cousin of a member who is trying to return to church. She is interested and will pray to find out if the church is true. We have an appointment today with them so that should give us some info on how it went.
3- How often do you get sick? Have you had any other problems? Do you still use your water filter?
- So I haven't been sick in a while now, thank goodness. I think I had the flu AND allergies. So that is why is was so bad for so long. But I have been trying to eat better and drink lots of PURIFIED water instead of the stuff from that devil tap. Thank goodness it hasn't been bad since. I haven't had really any other problems which is nice. It's always horrible to have problems all the time.
4- Is your companion native? What is his home and family life like? Is his leg ok from the dog bite?
- My comp is Native. I don't know too much about his home life but he is a Convert. He has been a member for 6 years and he is 24 years old. He is chill and we have gotten along so far, So its okay really. His leg is fine and he is seeking vengeance on the dog that bit him. I keep telling him to relax and it's funny to watch him.
5-Who are your  most supportive people in the area? What do they do that helps you? Do you like this area?
- This area is really supportive actually. The members help more then any other area that I have had. The Bishopric and really all the leadership are supporting us a lot. so I couldn't name just one or two people that help. They actually ask to go and do visits with us! And the give referrals and they try to come up with ways to get people into the church. So that's awesome really.
6-Do you notice any difficulty due to politics? Does it affect you guys or your work?
-Politics don't affect us really at all. We just talk about Church and stuff, so there really isn't any problems for us. People are sometimes angry and bitter but that's for them to choose.
7-What was the most spiritual experience you had this week?
- Well this week we had a lesson where I read the story from JSH*** and they were listening. We told about Joseph Smith's vision and we invited them to baptism and they accepted! We didn't mark a date but next visit we would like to mark a date. But the lesson went awesome; I know would be great church leaders and they are all super educated. That was a great lesson.

Well that wraps up the questions this week and next week is chalk full of stuff to do. We are going  to leadership council with President so I should have an experience or two to talk about next week. But as for that I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you next week! I love you all and hope you have a great week filled with adventures and spiritual experiences. 
Elder George
***Below is a link for the story that he mentions in "JSH" if you are interested in reading it.( ; of particular note, verses 5-23)

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