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Book of Mormon

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Transfer 10-5-15

Watching General Conference in English

Well this week was awesome. We had a great time with our ONE YEAR PARTY!!!! On Thursday me and Elder S made one year in the mission and we went around all day shouting HUMP DAY!!!! And singing "Livin' on a Prayer." It was super fun. That night we weren't having to much success so we called it just a bit early and decided to start the party! So we got the pizza ordered, got our Axe spray, lighter, shirts, ties and Coke and we went nuts! When you make a year you burn a shirt and tie. I had some DI ties and we found some shirts that the other elders left and we went off. We poured on hand sanitizer and got the light and did the "blow torch" deal and we had an awesome time burning the past to get ready for the new "year" Certainly was an awesome night. We got two pizzas and coke and we were stuffed that night.
So that was Thursday. We also received the transfer call and all of us are staying again! We are excited and ready for one more together. On a plus side Elder J from my first Field District got transferred here and Elder F form my second area also got transferred here! So that should be fun to see them again!
CONFERENCE!!!! General Conference was OUTSTANDING. Me and Elder S got to watch it in English! So we felt more American. I know you should always go with questions to conference so I went with the question," What should I do now to strengthen a future wife and family?" Let me tell ya... Just a FEW answers to that one. I was taking notes like a mad man and managed 20 PAGES of notes. It was good to hear all the messages of the inspired men that lead us. I also was very happy with the new apostles. I knew instantly when they were announced that they were called of God. It was a very good conference. I was really rather sad to see it end. But now I can say only one more General conference until I get home! WHOOT! 
Anyway, We have one girl that has a date for baptism on the 30th of this month that we would really like it is she was prayed for a little more. She is a little afraid of what the answer will be if she asks. So if you guys could pray for her to be calmed and comforted about this I would be grateful. 
You little ones! I want all of you to send an email about your favorite talk from conference so that I can know that you at least paid attention to one talk! Tell me about it, who gave it, and why you liked it. I loved Elder Holland's. Surprise surprise. I thought of Mom and said to myself..."All missionaries in the world are gonna email their moms and apologize for everything they have done wrong now." Mom, sorry for being a rotten child. Should have done better but you can count on that I'll never be that person to you again. <3 So now for all those who read this it's your turn to think about your beloved mothers. Give them a call, write a note, send a message, make a cake etc. Do something to show your appreciation for them. I promise that if you do they will rejoice more then you can realize. 
I love you all and I wish an absolutely fantastic week for you all!
"Remember who you are and where you come from." (Elder Neil L. Anderson)
Elder George
*Here is a link if you are interested in watching any of the messages from General Conference:

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