Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hellooooooo 9-21-15

Friends and family,
This week was a good one!! Like always I have the Q and A Here for you and we'll see what the people want to know! meaning mom.....
1-What are you eating these days when you are not being fed by members?(you mentioned that you were trying to eat healthier) Do you cook together with all of the Elders in your apartment?
- Well we do cook a lot. I made mashed potatoes, Sausage, eggs, smoothies, stuffing, and a few other things. It tasted a lot better when we actually cook so thats what we do when we have time. Everyone takes turns really. Its nice to get stuff done and when we get home have something to eat. Makes life easier.
2-When do transfers come again? Do you have an idea of what will be happening? Are you hoping to stay in your area since the work is starting to move a little more?
-Transfers are the weekend of General Conference, October 3-4. I am REALLY hoping to stay. Things are really starting to go well and I love the area and the people that I see everyday. Especially the elders in the House... But I think something will change in the house.... :( Maybe in the district and certainly in the zone. There is rarely anytime where someone doesn't get transferred.
3-What are you doing for exercise? What do you do for activities on P-day? Have you seen any sights or other interesting things in your area? Animals? Foods? Anything different than here?
 -Well we do pushups and sit ups and weight bearing excersises now because President decided to prohibit P90x... :'( So now excersises are once again a drag. On pday we buy our food, make the food, eat the food, and then we do some odd thing. There are a bunch of fruits that are soooo good that we dont have in the US. I love Acerola. It like a cherry but a little smaller and a little more sour. Animals are about the same as the south US. They dont have squirrels which is funny. Never saw one.... :/
4-What was something funny that happened this week?
-So two missionaries just got home and everytime we see them they are a bit awkward... ITs kinda funny to watch them. You know how they are ina bit of shock at being a normal person again. 
5-What was the BEST thing that happened this week?
 - Well, we got the shoes that we ordered this week and they are AMAZING!!! I dont think I'll have to buy another pair for the rest of the mission. They are super durable and We are super happy about them. The soles are thermal! They withstand up to like 500 degrees without melting! WHAT???? What are you gonna do at that temp?!? Super cool. SUPER TIGHT!!! ( Just for Ster. ;)  )
6-How often to you have to speak or teach in church?
- Well speaking of that I spoke yesterday. It was good and I talked about Joseph Smith's First vision and how we enjoy the blessings of the Gospel becasue Of the work of Joseph the Prophet. I didn't really have any trouble with speaking and finding all the words that I needed. Makes me feel great to not stumble searching for the right words in Portuguese.
7-It sounds like you are getting more people to teach. How is that going? Are you seeing progress?
 - We are getting a few more people and they are doing well! One person read like 15 extra pages of the Book of Mormon this week! I was suprised! We should have mroe progress this next week. I'll let you know!
Well, Fam. It looks like my time is at hand. I love you all and wish a great week to you all. Make sure to look for opportunities to serve! We serve the Lord by serving others! I'll see you all next week!
Elder Deven George

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