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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wassup Fam! 8-30-15

Pioneer Activity with the Ward
Friends and Family,
Here we go again! This week was amazing! I finally got my stuff in the mail and I LOVED EVERYTHING that I received! Thank you so much EVERYONE for EVERYTHING you guys have done for me! For those that sent money, thank you so much for you sacrifices! They help a lot here! Alright... So now for the Q and A session from my dearest mother! I will include the Question here so you guys can follow along!
1-How do you proselyte? Do you knock on doors-I mean clap (tracting)? Do you do street meetings or street contacts? Referrals? - So we clap** doors, we talk to people on the street, we use referrals, and really we use whatever we can to try and find new people. When we go to visit people, we usually meet in their house. But if we have a girl or women that we cant get a member to go with us, we just teach outside the house! Its really awesome to do that because then other people can come and say," What are you guys talking about?" and then we can contact them too! That's kinda what we do there.
2-You mentioned some new ideas about approaches to find people to teach. What are some of the things you are trying? - So we are going to be using the area book a lot this transfer to find out if any old investigator would like to be taught again. There are like 200 former investigators, so that will use a lot of time.  There are a lot of Records in the Area Book that aren't complete, for example why the person was cut. So we are gonna be looking for that this transfer.
3-What is the fruit that you are picking from the tree in the pic? Are you holding your comp on your shoulders or taking the pic? - So that fruit(I assume that everyone has seen it...) is something like a plum but its the size of a crab apple and is sourish. It's super good! But I don't know what its called. I was taking the pic because we had just eaten a lot and I had NO energy to try a lift my comp... 

4-What did you think about your package? Did it all arrive there in tact? Were there any things that surprised you? - I loved everything in it! I was surprised about the Mario and Luigi deal that was there! Also about the baseball that everyone signed! That was awesome. Mom, Your little scheme with the book to be opened in private was a crippling blow really. First time I she a tear in a while... Thanks MOM! The CTR ring is awesome and I Already had some comments about it! The ties were amazing and I wore the blue one twice already and the orange one is beautiful! The candy is also well appreciated. The stuff here really just doesn't do the trick.Elder Holland's Book is AMAZING. It has really made an impact on me! I haven't missed a day reading it! Its awesome. The shirts were also well appreciated but they're a bit bigger then the one I came with... But they're the same size... weird. The pens were amazing and I loved the Mandarin House one from the parade! So funny! The socks were also great. Never can go wrong with socks! Potatoes as well! Great stuff there!

5-Did you get all of the cards? - Yes I did finally get ALL the cards! Did Walmart run out of cards?! Thank you so much everyone that sent something! It means a lot to me!
6-How are things with your new companion? - My new comp is super chill. I think we should get along.
7-Are you still the Zone leaders? How is that going? How big is your zone? (geographically and missionaries) - Our zone is the biggest in the mission with 24 missionaries and 5 cities. We are still the zone leaders but we don't really have too much responsibility anymore. There are 2 assistants per zone now so we don't really have any authority anymore. But oh well. I'm not bugged. this week was quite the interesting one with my companion really. When we were sitting down in the shade yesterday these two smallish dogs came up to us. They were barking so we thought it best to be on our way. When we were walking away I looked back and one of the dogs had bit my companion in the leg twice! He had ripped his pants and drawn blood. He had some nice cuts and we may have to go get him vaccinated. So that was quite an adventure!
8-What is the BEST lesson you had this week? (Content and response by investigator) -We had one lesson with a new investigator this week and it was good. We started teaching the Restoration of the Gospel and it was spiritual. When we got there she was all bitter, it looked like, but in the end it looked like she was happy and enjoyed the message. We will teach the rest of that lesson to her this week, so that should be good. We are hoping to get some progression here. 
9-Do you have a challenge for the “little boys?” You haven’t done that in a while; if not maybe next week. - CHALLENGE!!!! My little friends, have you forgotten your promises, or future promises that you have made, or will make, at baptism? My challenge this week is to find ALL the things that you promised at baptism this week. Search the scriptures and talks from General Conference about what baptism is and what it really means. That is one of the most important things that you need to do in life. Remember it!
Well everyone that about wraps it up this week! I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week! Almost a YEAR DOWN for me!
Elder George
**In Brazil it is considered very rude to knock on someone's door. Their custom is to stand outside the gate and clap. Then if the people are home, and want to respond, they will come out and let you in. Also, when they teach female investigators, they do not enter their homes unless there is an adult male in the home. They will teach them outside.

A giant pot of Stove Top stuffing- Thanks mom!

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