Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Monday, April 18, 2016


To answer your question about if people ask why I'm here in Brazil. Well, people seem to guess the darndest things. I've already been asked so many things about why I'm here. One of which is. "Are you an American spy?" I say that I'm not and that's a surprise to them! WHY WOULD THE U.S. SPY ON BRAZIL??? Oh well...
Yes, I do have a minister card. It just tells people that I am a registered minister and that I have the right to visit people in hospitals if they request me. It's only happened a few times in the past 19 months, but I can do it if people want. I'll send a pic next week for you guys to see! But pretty much people don't care too much because there are sooo many different religions here that no one can keep track. So we just do our thing.
Our new family we found last week is doing really great and they will read and pray about the Book of Mormon And see if next week they can go to church. It is a couple and 3 daughters and they are really nice. We are gonna try and get them integrated with a member that lives close to them. We are really hoping that it will go well.
This week Elder Moore from the mission office called and asked me a super important question: He asked me what airport I wanted to fly into when I go home! I'll have my flight plan next Monday on the transfer day! It feels so close now and actually real. I had always thought that the day would never come. Now the day is actually real. Weird stuff. I'll send it to you guys next week.
Speaking of transfers this week is the transfer so if I don't send anything next week it means I was transferred and was traveling. 
This week I really got into the Book of Mormon again and I learned once again that reading really gets us a recharge against the things that try to do things that hurt us. I liked this picture:
There really is power in the book. Often, there are people who start to read the Book of Mormon at the beginning of the year and end up losing their spot and stopping their study. But START AGAIN! It really is the best thing that one can do. I know the book is true. It changed who I am and it can change you too.
Love you all and have a great week!
Elder George

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