Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

After all the Excitement 2-29-16

This week was quite the week and I have a little more time to write today so i'll try to make it count.
Interviews with President were fine. He didn't give me really anything to make me believe that I'm gonna change anything this transfer. So I assume that I'll stay here one more and get a new companion. But we'll see.
The pics were from our lunch appointment last Tuesday! So we have to take a bus to get there and it was amazing out, so I took some pictures of the stuff. 
M and S are doing great. But we found out that they too have to get married civilly. So now we have to work with that. But they want to do what's right and they are working toward baptism. But other then that, the other people are just that. Other people. We don't have too many people that are that interested other then M and S. The others like listening and learning but that's about it.
The Dr Pepper I ordered will get to me probably in late Marchish... when we have our next conference.
Well this week we moved apartments and now we are in a new one. We weren't doing well in the old one so we decided to find a new one and the office approved. We are now much closer to the church. It makes life a lot easier.
I can't seem to recall one scripture that really helped me this week but I've been reading that calendar book from Pres. Monson and everyday it seems to solve one of my problems. I have really learned about agreeing because it's better to agree to do something(as long as it isn't wrong) Then trying to it my way all the time. So that was something that I learned. Just doing it and trying my best to get things done the way they should. I've felt good about that and I'm feeling like I'm becoming a better person because of it.
Well that's what I've got this week. 
Elder George

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