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Book of Mormon

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Transfers 3-21-16

Elder Zwick and Elder George
Well this week was transfers and my comp was sent away to Lages. Now I'm with a guy from Rio! AGAIN! It's kinda funny but the people from Rio I get along with well for some reason. I'll send a pic this week and we'll see if you can tell what is different! This transfer will only be 5 weeks because of the thing the MTC did. They decided to keep the missionaries for 3 weeks now to better prepare them. So even if something goes bad it'll be only a little while before the next one.

The conference was super freakin good! I got a picture with Elder Zwick and everything! But he talked about how sometimes in the mission with all the goals we have and the drive to baptize everyone we lose track of the big picture of Establishing Zion. Sometimes people just baptize without a testimony and hope it goes okay to have the number. Then the person leaves the church and they wonder why. So he talked about focusing on new investigators, investigators in the Sac. Meeting, and baptismal dates. He said that ALL goals need focus but those need EXTRA focus. He also told us that in our teaching we need to Simplify, Intensify, and Testify Powerfully. He said that doing those things NOW will help us be able to reap the fruits of the harvest and prepare even more fruits! It was also cool because being a zone leader I got to attend 2 meetings that Elder Zwick gave! He gave one specifically for the ZL's and the STL's and then one for everyone. They were both morning and afternoon sessions, so it took about 6-7 hours each conference. The Exclusive one was way better but the general one was good too. But he is an amazing person and really tries to teach by love.
Florianopolis Bridge

The people in the pics I sent were just missionaries that I met and heard about. They are all really nice and I enjoyed joking around with them a lot. In the general session with Elder Zwick we did a musical number and I sang with the two girls in that one pic. We sang Israel, Israel God is Calling and it turned out good!

The area is the same. Unfortunately we were traveling and My companion was preparing his suitcases, so the work this week was really weak. But this next week we'll really be able to hit it hard and hopefully by the end we'll have a few people with a baptismal date! But M and S are doing great and we'll go there on Thursday. I'll try to take a picture with them to send you guys!
But as far as the week that was it! There isn't too much super funny about the week but it was good! So I guess I'll let everyone get back to life! Love you guys!
Elder George
President and Sister Silva


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