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Book of Mormon

Monday, February 22, 2016

Life! 2-22-16

Zone Meeting

P-day lunch
 I need to be quick... So lets get to it.
The jerky in the pic was from the ward Christmas package. I also got a yo-yo that I'm basically obsessed with trying to learn to do crazy stuff with it. It's a blast to learn new things! I was able to get the mail earlier than I thought because there was an elder that went to Floripa to renew his visa; so he brought back some stuff for us! tHATS HOW THAT WORKED.
Yes, we have 3 sets of elders in our apartment. So that is always a show. The house always has someone doing something... Also it gets dirty very quickly.... Dangit.
Last week we had a zone meeting so we had everyone together from the zone. That made it so I got to see Elder Stahn again!
So we fianlly met with M and S. They are super elect! He works at a gym and is really strong. They asked about baptism and how that worked and how they could prepare better. We explained various things and that we would help them understand the doctrine and they were excited! It went well and we went with a member. Perfect!
About the ward activity last week which was on Monday night. So anything that has to do with a member and on Monday we cant go. It's becasue that day is supposed to be JUST FOR FAMILIES FOR FAMILY NIGHT. Even if its a ward activity.
President will still come this week and I'm feeling okay. Interviews never was a time to be super nervous. It should be good.
The obedience in the zone? The best thing for me, as I have been serving as a Zone leader, was recognizing that if you cant be good, do good. For a while I was bitter at certain people becasue of the way they acted. Now I just set my mind to try to help them and grow to love them. It has worked and because of this the obedience has changed. It looks like people have a new desire to do the right thing. So that has made a difference to me.
I found DR PEPPER on THE DESERET BRAZIL WEBSITE AND BOUGHT SOME!!!!!!! IT'LL COME SOON!!!! I was soooo incredibly happy to find it that I HAD to buy it. IT'LL BE SO AWESOME TO TRY IT AGAIN! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

That's all I have time for this week. I hope that you have a great week!
Elder George

YUM! American Snacks!
Something new from Brazil

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