Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fast and Furious! 2-15-16

Elder Reis and me

Me and my companion

Hello! Once again, I have very little time to write!

In the pictures, Elder Chavez is my comp and Elder Reis just got here and is living with us now. I met him in Chapecó and was transferred so now he is here with me again! YAY! Elder Chavez is from Argentina and Elder Reis is from São Paulo. Chavez has 4 months left and Reis has a year left. Elder Reis is a great guy and very humble and I enjoy living with him this far.

S. isn't really progressing unfortunately. We invited them to the ward party tonight and hopefully they'll go. That would be amazing since we cant go because it's Monday. We have 3 or 4 families that we will start teaching this week and they are all super prepared to hear the Gospel so we are excited for them and I'll have more info next week about them. The family we baptized are doing SUPER WELL. They are attending church and learning more every day. Their testimonies are growing and developing everyday and I am thrilled at their progress.

District meeting is every week, Zone meeting once a month and conferences and interviews trade off every transfer. Every time there is something with the zone in a week we cancel the district meeting to save money and time. My responsibilities as a zone leader are basically handle all the organization and try to make everything run smoothly. For the zone meetings we have to give the training to everyone so that is what we do.

Bob's friend, Sergio, has been traveling quite a bit and that has made it hard to visit with him. We want to go back but I don't know if we will be able to because President has cracked down on the rules. He doesn't actually live in our area so that makes things a bit tougher. But we'll see.

The best thing that happened to me is that this week I have been able to recognize the Spirit and know when Heavenly Father is talking to me. It's odd when he "yells" at you. It really makes you feel like someone is shaking you by the throat and telling you DO THIS!!!!! So that was something. Also, I was reading the Book of Mormon and I continue to recognize the cycle of wickedness and righteousness. As I was studying, I felt the Spirit again when He told me DON'T BE LIKE THIS! So that's something I will work harder on. Doing what needs to be done, one hour at a time, one day at a time.

Well have a great week everyone! Stay happy and stay healthy!
Elder George

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