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Book of Mormon

Monday, June 8, 2015

Wonderful Week!!!!! 6-8-15

Friends and Family,
This week was quite the good one really! We are making real progress with J! She is doing really well and went to church yesterday! So she is on track for baptism on the 20th! So we are hoping, praying and fasting for her! We had a lesson with her last week about prayer, studying the scriptures and obedience and she is understanding it really well. During the lesson I could tell the Siprit was there and so I decided to try and identify it for her. I asked her if there was a change in the atmosphere or the feelings that she gets when we come and go and when she reads the scriptures and prays and she said there was a real difference. So we told her about what that is and she seemed to understand it well and accept it. We have another appointment tomorrow with her so I will let you kow how it goes! Pray that it goes well!!!
Other then that I found out today that a nearby area is going to close so the missionary house there has to be closed and guess who has to do the move...... ME!!!!! YAY!!! Another freakin move. It hasnt even been a month!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! But oh well. Maybe Heavenly Father is trying  to teach me something about moving so that I can apply it for the future.... :/
We had our district meeting and it went well. I had one of the sisters do a trainging on the gift of tongues and she did well. I trained on humility and its always fun to train on things that are really broad like that. It went well and the district is doing really well with getting new poeple and baptizing. I will probably have 2 interviews one thursday for the sisters and so that should be good! I hope to have to have J do an interview with the Zl's so that SHE can be baptized. We'll see. So the way that the interviews work is I do the interviews for everyone and the ZL's do them for us. It works well. 
Well, thats about it this week. I love you guys and remember little ones to eat your fruits! They could be expensive in the Mission Field!! Love you guys. See you Later
Elder George

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