Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello! 6-22-15

This is a tile of a soccer team that I love here :) He made it for me! I didn't even ask; he just said, "HEY I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!"
Once again another week has passed and I don't have much good news actually...
So this wont be too long.
J wasn't baptized... She feels that she needs some more time to analyze and think about it.. So we will continue to work with her and we would love it if you would include her in your prayers... She needs them.
Other then that we had little work this week because I went to close a mission house in another city and we also had to go to another city to do a baptismal interview. So that's it for the week really.
It is COLD! really cold. And I am wishing that I brought a sweatshirt.... But Its good. I'm super happy I brought the rice bag! There was one night where it was like 30 degrees! And we don't have a heater so that's fun at night.... Its kinda like camping really!
Anyway, that's really all the glorious details of this week. Now we are gonna go take a photo with a tin man outside of the lan house! YAY! He is one of those human statues and so I'm gonna ask him for a photo. We'll see!
Sorry this week was so short but really the things that happened weren't very good so that's why.
Love you guys! And all those boys who didn't send an email your name is mud!
See ya!
Elder George

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