Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, lets make this fast and to the point. WE have a bus to catch! This week was about normal. We are preaparing J for baptism but we think she might be nervous a bit. So we are gonna try and help her out with that. We hope that she will actually be baptized. This is the closest we have come to a baptism in my mission so far... So we are praying VERY hard. I would be very grateful if you would include her in your prayers this week that she will be able to be baptized and feel ready. Thank you!
Also, I find out today that we could be getting and new companionship living with us! We found out that another ward will start coming to our chapel and so the sisters cant very well stay in the other city AND come to our chapel every sunday... So President will probably trade them with elders and send the Elders to live in our house. BUT I'll probably be transferred by then I think so I won't have to close that house as well. Thank goodness. Missed that by the skin of my teeth, I think.
Other then that it is getting colder and colder here and Wednesday should get as low as 33 degrees! WHAT?"?" Am I in Brazil or what? What the heck. Also they dont have heaters in the houses here and insulaiton... so there isnt any escaping the cold here... So that's an adventure. Like winter camping, ALL THE TIME. So we are trying to keep warm and everything so that is different about here. 
At this time I'd to thank all those who have donated to my mission, especially Grandma and Grandpa George. Thanks SO much for you contributions. It means so much that you support me through all this. I will be sending a "surprize" to you in the mail. :) Not to discredit all other that have donated. I am VERY grateful for all who have donated. It means the world to me.
Well, Chillens, This week you guys should read the story of the Prophet Jospeh with your parents and talk about WHY he did what he did. And I expect SOMETHING of correspondance next week! From the cousins especially. Anyone else feel free to send something BUT you SIX are obligated to send something and read about the Prophet Joseph and if not.... You will be called mud forever more. :D 
Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing form you once again in one weeks time :)
Take care,
Elder George

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