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Book of Mormon

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Week, Another P-day! 3-2-15

This week was another week on the way to the 6 month mark! It was pretty good! Here is a pic AFTER haircut :)  It’s a good haircut and it was free!

First off we met a guy on the street who came up to us and said to me "You’re American right?" (Everyone knows that I'm American!!!!) I said I was, in Portuguese, and he said "Oh its cool. I speak English." Turned out he has dual citizenship in the states and here! He went there and was a marine and a cop! As he was talking I thought to myself," Yup. You could be a cop." But, that was fun.
Other than that I realized something they have here that is less common in the states! Street performers! LIKE IN THE STREET! They juggle, and do weird things that I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see. So that’s fun.
Saturday I bought a “cake for 1” mix and ate it this morning! Yep-I ate cake for breakfast! IT WAS GOOD. It was only like 1 real. So that was awesome! I’m gonna go back and get another couple today :)

Lessons were lacking this week. We had divisions and meetings with the district so that made it harder but even so there isn’t anything new with them! Exchanges were fine. Everything went well and we are pretty good friends now! He is from El Salvador so that’s different. He's gonna make tacos for us soon :D
Yesterday, it was testimony meeting. THERE WAS A LINE OF PEOPLE!!! We didn’t have any investigators attend, but we had some less actives so that was good! We are trying to do more with less active members because we are lacking with new investigators right now. So we are focusing more with them. After church, we went with a member for lunch. It was so much fun now that I can understand!
This week we have another zone meeting and another opportunity to receive mail, so that’s exciting! So there is a new convert in our ward who moved here from North Brazil! HE IS SUPER COOL! I'll get a pic with him this week to send next week but we have a bit of a problem with his records.... Since he moved like RIGHT after conversion his records are kinda screwed up... He received the Aaronic Priesthood but the records don’t show it so he'll have to receive it again. Also his baptismal date in the computer says that he was baptized in November but he was actually baptized in January.... So we are trying to help him with that. 
The mission is a weird place! I have decided it is only place where you can feel so spiritually high and not even be effected by anything bad! So that makes things a bit easier! It’s like things just always work out! For example, we were waiting for a bus one night at like 8:55 that should have passed then and we had been waiting for like 15 min. Turned out that there wasn’t even a bus that night. But we said a prayer that everything would work out and right as we said “amen” a member drove by and gave us a ride! So that’s what I think about the mission.
Well everyone, I love you and miss you and hope you have great week!
Elder George


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