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Book of Mormon

Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 9, 2014

This week was rather bland. Not much went on. So I'll get right down to it!
We are teaching a recent convert who moved from another state. He is super awesome. His name is W and he loves the gospel. This week we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For those who dont know, we teach the lessons twice. Once before baptism and once after. So we were teaching and we did all the points of the Gospel and it was good. He has a strong testimony and it was awesome. He is really very ready to begin his journey to the temple.
This week I have been spoken to in English quite a bit. People can just tell that I'm American and that's funny. We met a guy from New York today! So that's an adventure every time. Sometimes people just say something super generic and you can tell they DONT speak English; so sometimes I rattle off something super fast to try and confuse them. So thats fun.
I was studying about infant baptism for no particular reason in Moroni 8. Its super interesting that they thought of that 1600 years ago! That was interesting to study about the will of God with respect to this stuff!
Not too much terribly spiritual this week. Sorry to disappoint anoyone... but I do have a counsel. You YOUNG ONES! Read the BOOK OF MORMON! IT is the essential tool to being a missionary! KNOW the BOOK OF MORMON. Thats all I'll say about that.
As for our investigators... They are falling a bit. They are lacking desire so if you could mention these people in your prayers that would be awesome!
A-desire to obey the Word of Wisdom and quit smoking
L- that God exists
F-desire to go to church and read the Book of Mormon
If you could pray for these individuals I would be so grateful.
Well, love you guys and I hope to hear from you next week!
Elder George

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