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Book of Mormon

Monday, February 23, 2015

Britain Meets Brazil --- 2-23-15

This week was a different one. Some good and some bad. Let’s start with interesting though.
This city is like my last area. Some of the roads are paved but others are cobblestone. It’s really quite strange to walk on cobblestone. The better thing is no one sleeps on the streets here. So that’s better to walk the streets and not wonder if someone is dead...... 
Today I got emails from Friends, my uncle, both grammas, my sis, and my cousin! I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS THINKING ABOUT A MISSION!!!!!   I was happy to hear that she got her call to Peru! :}
Today I'm getting a haircut. AND I found a lady in the ward that does hair so we are going there today! Super excited! We cleaned house a lot before we came here... So that took time. We don’t have time today to do any sight-seeing or hiking. We usually shop every Monday so probably after my haircut we'll get groceries. We’ve eaten at....... MCDONALDS!!!!!!!! I get ice cream sometimes too when I'm feeling down. The menu is about the same as in the US but WAY more expensive. Like 10 bucks.... So we've only eaten there once.
Lessons this week were just about the same. We have a baptismal date for A. He is a guy who is 26 and he really wants to change his life. So we hope that he can stop drinking tea and coffee. Our baptism is scheduled for March 7th but we are gonna change it to the 14th because we have stake conference.
We had exchanges with the zone leaders this week and that was difficult. One of them kinda told me that I didn’t speak very well and that was discouraging but oh well. 
As for poverty here. There isnt much here. There is like one bairro that is poor. Other then that its all like average in the states. So thats nice. It feels a little closer to home.
I got this picture today next to our lan house and I thought I would look super British because of the umbrella.
So one of my watches broke this week and I lost my Pearl of great price...... I was super bummed. I'm gonna get a new watch today but I cant replace that Pearl I received the 1st time I went to the temple. I have a spare watch. My one from gram, but I want one with the date. So with the money that gram sent me I'm gonna get a new one. 
Other then that I didnt have too many spiritual experiences this week. Kind os a bummer week. But oh well. Until next time, and I hope all of you have great weeks!
Love you guys,
Elder George

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