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Book of Mormon

Friday, March 27, 2015

First Week Gone This Transfer 3-23-15

That.... is a xsalada. Basically a giant cheese burger with bacon and tons of veggies :D

Friends and Family,

Well I can definitely say that this week felt like 3 weeks. Not that it was bad but it was just slow. WE had some good success but just took a long time. But lets get to the news shall we?

A, our original baptismal date is not going terribly well... He doesn't come to church and he lacks desire. He is trying to quit drinking tea and he is reading the BoM, so that is good, but he lacks desire to go to church because of work on Saturday nights. So we are working with him on that front.

D is 19 and he was a reference from the ward mission leader. He lives with his dad and his mom lives in a different city. He used to work at the grocery store but lost his job for some reason. He received us well and we have met with him a few times already. Last time we talked to him about Alma and how he baptized people and the picture in the front of the BoM. When he saw the picture he immediately said he wanted to be baptized. So we scheduled him for the 18th of April to give him and us time to teach. The trouble with him right now is he hasn't been to church yet because he lives far. So we are trying to get a ride for him but no one really lives over there. So that's where we are at with him.

Well, those are the 2 most important people we are visiting right now. So if you could mention them in your prayers that would be awesome.

I'm getting a new scripture case! The one that I have now lets water through, so I can’t use it without a plastic bag... BUT I talked to a member and he said he knows a women  that makes leather cases like the one I got in the MTC! So I'm getting one of those shipped here! Super cheap now too because of the exchange rate! It won’t even be 40 dollars! The leather will keep it dry. I tried with my other one using the faucet and it worked way better. I have been using grocery bags to keep them dry. Elder Betts has a leather bag. Other missionaries use plastic bags.

We taught 13 lessons last week. This week if everything goes like it should we should have at least 15. We have lunch appointments every day except P-day. And they RARELY fall. Its awesome! I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE!!! They are just so welcoming! They are super nice and the fact that I can understand them makes it good too :} I understand 90%. Church is getting easier every Sunday.

Now for a bit of stuff for the littler ones!

You guys, do what your parents say. Don't get them mad at you cause you wont have them to get after you forever! Be grateful you have them and every once in a while do something to help them out. They get tired too but the difference is they cant just go home and sleep like kids can. They gotta keep going until the end! Remember to be grateful for them in your lives and do them a service. Also, remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers everyday. These things are SO essential. Don't let these things take the back seat. Even if its just one verse, just do it! It makes all the difference later!

Well everyone, take good care of yourselves and have an awesome week.

Love you guys,

Elder George

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