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Book of Mormon

Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Transfer Here I Come! 3-16-15

Friends and family,
Well that passed fast! It doesn't feel like I've been here for 6 weeks already! Feels like last week I got here! So what are we waiting for lets get to the new stuff!
CYLCONE!!!! This week it rained a ton! We went to a members house and we were talking about the rain and they proceeded to tell us that there was a 100 km wide Cyclone out over the ocean! Because of that it was pounding us with rain! It was kinda scary knowing it could move toward us and really hit us. But everything was fine and it stayed out on the ocean.
Manifestation!!!! This week our zone leaders called and told us that on Sunday, yesterday, we weren't allowed to leave the house. WE could only go to church and that was it! So that's what we did! Apparently there was a public unrest manifest about politics and so we were "in danger" but it was fine.
Rodizzio! This week we went to a pizza place with a recent convert to try and help him get some friends! I did take pictures but they got corrupted. We were sitting there the 3 of us and then these three girls sat at the table next to us and started talking to us! They were marveling at the fact that I'm American! Elder B didn't say a thing so they thought he was Brazilian. IT was funny because W, recent convert,  said we were missionaries and they were like instantly backed away. Super funny.
Other then that Brazilian life is a bit strange! I found out that the standard for clothing is almost optional right now because summer is ending. So walking around the center is interesting this week. We kinda have to avoid any busy spots in the city for fear of seeing anything too bare.... So that's different then in the states.
The pic that I'm sending is of a family home evening that we did with a member, her less active daughter, and her home-bound dad. We did the Familias podem ser eternas! It was a blast and they were super nice. They're two kids were kinda active but that's okay. I was like that when I was their age.
Well family, That's all the interesting this week. Love you guys and you little ones remember to read you scriptures and say your prayers! Those two things make all the difference in life! And my dear cousin, I wish you all the best and I'm praying for you! Love you guys!
Elder George

Deven's cousin, who is serving a mission in the Dominican Republic, was involved in an accident. She and 2 other missionaries were hit by a motorcycle and injured. She took the brunt of the impact. She received stitches last night and was sent to a larger hospital to determine how to treat the burns she received on her arms and legs. Her family is very worried. Any prayers on her behalf, and for her family, would mean a lot. Additionally, I KNOW God hears and answers our prayers for healing and comfort. I KNOW that we are His children and he loves us and is involved in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and your love. Sincerely-Deven's Missionary Mom, Stacey

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  1. Sounds like you are have an interesting great time....keep up the great are always blessed when you do as you are supposed to
    Did you get transferred????
    We love you dear grandson
    hugs from gram