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Monday, February 9, 2015

New Area!! ---February 9, 2015

Elders with Branch Mission leader
Greetings!! The new area is freakin fantastic! We are right in the center of the city. It is a city with MANY people and a nice ward! There are about 50-60 active members so its much different then the 20 in my last branch. They are really interested in missionary work and they want to help us reactivate people and meet new people who might be interested! Investigators: we have like 10. Progressing, 0......   I met the bishop for the first time on Saturday and he freakin asked me to speak the NEXT DAY! So yesterday was my first talk in our new area. It was good I think. It was about member missionary work. (before I knew they were already excited about it...)Other than that the members are REALLY excited about helping us and doing missionary work! This area is basically night and day difference then our last area! YES the members do feed us! We didn’t have a day last week without lunch! Each member has a day of the month-ish. The church building is about the same as every church building in the states. Just without AC. So thats nice for a change.
2nd Area-Criciuma 1
Our apartment is in a big apartment building and its pretty nice! Also, the water from the tap is drinkable here! It wasnt there in my last area. So thats awesome that we don't have to buy water or go the church to get water. And yeah it is the same apartment as I described on Skype at Christmas-where we stayed when I first got to the mission; (with the mold on the walls and the plastic couch) but he cleaned it really well so it’s like the best apartment ever now. It’s in an apartment building and it’s pretty nice. I'll send pictures next week. I ACTUALLY HAVE A DESK! It's so awesome. In my last area we didn’t have desks so that’s better.
My new companion is Elder B. His 20 years old and is from the US also. He has 15 months in the mission and 5 months in Brazil. He is the district leader here and he is super fun. We have a lot in common. He loves to sing, play sports, and we both want to work and strengthen the area.
Being companions with the district leader is a little different than the other elders. Every week he has to call the other pairs and get their numbers from the week and see if they need anything. He also prepares training for district meetings every week. So it is a bit different.
I have a bus card that the mission gives me money to fill. It’s like the city bus so it’s good. We use it to go to different areas that take too much time to walk. That is also different.
I had a really happy moment this week! I spoke to our Bishop here about scriptures to see if he could order some for me, because last transfer me and Elder Badger we walking in the rain and they got soaked... So we looked online on a site called Deseret Brazil and they sell Portuguese quads! The church doesn’t make them in Portuguese, only this guy that makes them specially. So we ordered one and it should be here next week at the latest! That was awesome! Also, they have a ward choir here! We went and I discovered something. She is super controlling and judgmental if you get there late or leave early. So that was funny.
I witnessed a miracle this week. When I left my first area I could only understand about 50% of what was said. When I got here I was suddenly able to understand everything! We are 2 Americans with not a lot of time in Brazil and we doing great things here. It was insane how much the spirit helped us this week. We are having a lot of fun as well. 
I was listening to Elder Holland's talk from conference this last time around ("Are We Not All Beggars" Here is the link: )  and one thing he said really stuck out to me. When he talked about Pres. Monson and Mother Teresa and their service he said something that was really moving for me. "She hath wrought a good work. She hath done what she could." That's all God asks of us. Do what we can to keep the commandments and do the right things. If we do these things we will add so much good to the world. "What good we do is but a drop in the Ocean, but if we don't do it, the ocean will be one drop less." Let us all add our one drop to the ocean, Because if we don't the ocean would be without a whole lot of water.
I love this gospel, and I love the prophets and apostles. Their words are literally words from God to us. I bear testimony that this is The Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. We are God's children and he wants us back. So, let us do what we can, add our drop to the ocean, and return to his presence so that he may embrace us and say "Well done my son/daughter."
I love you all and hope you all have magnificent weeks. Take good care of each other! I would be very sad to find out someone had a broken bone or something. Thank you for all of your support and remember that I'm praying for you.
Sinceramente e com amor,
Elder Deven George 
Pics with people in Imarui:
 Imarui Branch President and his wife
 Some favorite people in Imarui
 Imarui Primary President and her daughter-in-law who was our investigator
Our young investigator

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