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Book of Mormon

Monday, February 16, 2015

Second Week in the new area 2-16-15

This is one thing we do with the ward. We hold a family home evening and talk about the proclamation then take a pic with these banners and post it to facebook. To show beliefs and stuff :) The guy is super cool!

This week wasn't nearly as interesting. So this email will probably be much shorter... Sorry!
So here in the new area, the culture is like sunrise and noon. Not completely different but you can tell the difference. The people here are less inclined to listen to you and aren't very polite about not listening. So that’s different. Rejection feels a bit worse. But that’s life. It’s Carnivale this week. It doesn’t really affect us because it’s really just on beaches. But everyone in the city left to go to the beach so not many people are here. People go like 3-5 hours away or farther. In like Rio and São Paulo it last like a month. Officially it ends this Thursday here.
Before today's haircut......
I don’t know if I have gained weight! I put on some jeans and they were SUPER Tight. I didn’t remember them being that tight... So I have no idea. Everything else fits. Thank goodness. I don’t wanna buy stuff here... BUT one of my pairs of shoes is already falling apart! Super annoying. I'm still gonna keep the beat up ones to show at the end when I get home :) They aren’t horrible right now but the surface is starting to peel.
Ropa Normal
Being companions with a district leader is different. We have to go on splits with the zone leaders once per transfer so that’s fun... We actually have our split with them today. So I'll let you know how that went. Also he has to have district meetings to train the district every week. So he spends time preparing for that a bit. But other than that it’s the same.
Investigators are a little crazy right now. We still don't have them locked in really. But, we may have also found an investigator that wants the lessons in English! SUPER COOL! I wonder if I'll be able to do that.... :} We have a reference system on that the mission office sends references to! So they sent it to us.
I do have one person we are teaching that I would really like you guys to pray for. His name is L. He is 18 and he is the son of a non-active returned missionary. He doesn’t believe that there is a god and needs to know what's out there. So you guys could keep him in mind that would be great.
Lessons are hard to describe really. But we had one with L. He speaks English and Portuguese but his wife doesn’t speak English so he doesn’t have a chance to speak English so for part of the lesson I taught in English. It was good! I liked it. And I KNOW he felt the Spirit. I was like drowning in it so I know he felt it. We just taught about how it makes sense that something else is out there. HE seemed to understand and feel it so that was awesome.
One really awesome thing last week was getting my scriptures ordered! I'm super pumped to really study the scriptures in Portuguese. For the past while I haven’t really been able to because my scriptures got soaked. So having these will make all the difference. So that was good!
Well, one scripture that really stood out to me this week was Matthew 26:22. This is when Christ says to the apostles," One of you will betray me." They were each exceedingly sorrowful and began to ask the Master," Lord, is it I?"
This inspired me to ask that more often to find out what I need to improve on. What I may not be doing as well as I could. So I think we should each look at ourselves and ask if we are doing everything as best as we can so that we "may stand blameless before God at the last day." I know that if we do this we will have a more happy life and a more Christ-like life. I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. I love you all and wish you the best of weeks! I thank you all for you prayers on my behalf and know that I'm praying for every one of you.
Love you guys,
Elder George

PS---- #popcornselfieswag  ;)

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