Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Monday, January 26, 2015

Esta Semana 1-26-15

Amigos e Familia,
Eu vou tentar para falar um pouco em Português. Então, Michael, Sarah, e Steve vão estar as únicas pessoas que vai entender sem ajuda de tradutor! Ta bom?
Nah just messin’. 
Well this week was good. Our baptism fell through because we didn’t realize that she was leaving for Floripa the Saturday this week. So we couldn’t baptize her this week, but we have planned to baptize her when she returns. So that should be good. But! If I get transferred I would be a little upset with that....
Anyway. Other then that we found two people who seem to have a lot of interest in the church and we are teaching them. We hope that they will keep the commitments and get baptized!
Marlo is a Journalist who is like 30 and single.
Aline is a daughter in law of the primary president and she is now a widow. Sad.... But it gave us a real nice window to talk about the gospel because of her loss. She is very interested that families can be together forever.
Other then that David and Andre are not progressing so we are working with them to have to desire to do the things they need to do to be baptized..
They sent our phone today so we should get that this week, then we will order gas for the oven and be back in business!
Other then that we are about the same. Lots of rain here and we are not staying very dry so that is unfortunate. Oh well. Missionary life.
Thanks for the letters I got last week! I got one from BOB CLARK THE LEGEND​,
One from the Smiths, and one from Pres Bernt and one other that I don’t remember right now.
That’s about it this week. Love all you guys and I hope to hear more about some adventures there next week!
Love you guys!
Elder George
One of my self motivational pages in my planner....
Oh! Mom asked me to share a few words about a Gospel Principle and I almost forgot!
Well, before my mission I never really took prayer seriously. I always thought "Lets get this done 'm freakin' hungry!" When I left though, I found myself without anything I knew and completely alone. I read in the scriptures that day about the power of prayer and thought " I'll give that a try for real."
So I did. I can now say that Prayer has influenced my life more than I can explain. I have received so much more comfort then ever and now I can say that you are never really alone. I love this gospel and I love all of you. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and your support. I can never repay that.
Thank you for everything
Elder George

PS This is a custom scripture case I had made in the MTC! Super nice and will last forever. Thought people might be interested!

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