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Book of Mormon

Monday, January 12, 2015

1-12-15 One More Week Down

Elders in our District

Friends and Family,
This week was a little more interesting then the one before and I will go over why!

So third world countries are fun places! Health is good. Hygiene is a different story..... We haven’t had ANY water in our apartment since Friday! So showering hasn’t happened since then or clean clothes! YAY!!!! Thank goodness we are going to Laguna tomorrow. At least they have showers there! We are gonna take laundry to Laguna tomorrow and wash stuff there! :D Thank goodness. When we travel, We usually take our carry-ons so that should be fine. Also I will use the polka dot laundry bag so it’s not awkward on the bus :) So that was fun to experience this week....

I have been wearing my glasses. I LOVE THEM. They make conferences so much easier, because they often have a white board that they write stuff and often times I can’t see what they´ve written. Last week we had a Zone meeting in Tuberão. It was originally going to be in Criciúma, but Pres. Silva decided that missionaries can no longer sleep in a different apartment before meetings anymore. So when we got to Laguna to get our connecting bus to Criciúma, the other elders there told that we would be staying there til the next day when the meeting was in Tuberão. The only people that can sleep in a different apartment is us because of the bus schedule in Imaruí. So that was a surprise. In total we were on a bus for 2 and a half hours. Not too bad. When we take those buses they’re usually filled with people who already know that your missionaries and generally avoid you. It’s kinda funny. The meeting there was fine. We got 2 new zone leader this transfer so that was a little bit of a waste of time....

Lessons with investigators were really good this week! We had a lesson with David and he is gonna ask his dad if he can be baptized this week! So that could be really good! We also had a lesson with Andre who has had a really hard time with not smoking and We asked if he wanted a blessing and he said sure so  we did! I was the voice and I could actually speak what I was feeling in Portuguese! "I" definitely did not say anything. It definitely all The Spirit.  So that was awesome.

Other stuff that happened was we ran out of gas in our oven so we have had to use the church oven and stuff... We were gonna call and get more but our phone is broken so basically everything bad that can happen to the house did this week :) YAY!!!!!!

Other than that everyone, Nothing else new! Love you guys and I hope that you guys have a great week!

Elder George

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