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Book of Mormon

Monday, January 19, 2015

TEMOS UM BATISMO DATA!!!!! January 19, 2015

Well as you can see by the title we have a baptism scheduled for this week! It is a middle aged women who found the gospel and knows the church is true. So we will see if that works out! The baptism is scheduled for Friday, so I'll let you guys know next week! David’s visit was not great. He didn’t even try to ask his dad about being baptized. Raquel has a batismo date! But we probably won’t be able to do it this transfer. She is leaving on Saturday and won’t be back until the 8th of Feb. Andre is trying to quit smoking... Not having too much success. Our 2 investigators aren't really progressing. They are having hard time keeping commitments. So we are trying to express to them how important they are. I'll let you know how that goes!
So about transfers: We get the call on the 30th. The next transfer starts one the 2nd. They call you on the 30th with the new assignments, and then you travel, if necessary. We start packing and usually you start traveling the next Monday.
As far as the water situation from last week is, WE HAVE WATER AGAIN! Showering daily is happening again. :) Thank goodness... I was dying everyday.... the stove we haven’t gotten figured out because we still don’t have a phone yet. How do we get transfer calls without a phone? EXACTLY! They claim to be sending one to us today and should be here on Wednesday. The secretaries handle all of that. The president knows, but he doesn’t deal with that.
It’s been POURING rain for like the whole week. Well, the rain here isn’t like rain in the states. The rain he is like pouring a bucket on you ALL the time. So Umbrellas don’t keep you dry. Mine actually broke a bit... So we can’t do much when it rains like that. The waterproof bag still gets pretty wet too, just because of the sheer amount of water. My scriptures are kinda getting wet. I was gonna get some new ones anyways because the MTC gave us the absolute cheapest. I want some with the leather because they hold up better. A member is gonna go to the temple and get them for me. I'll give them money to buy them. I will send you a picture of the scripture cover I had made in the CTM, but it is for my English scriptures so I don’t use it every day.
Everything ON me is good. No pain, no soreness anymore in my toe, back, or feet. I think my back was just sore from the bag. But it got stronger. I'm doing pushups like crazy. ;-) I also have a 6-pack now ;) As far as homesickness, that is getting better too. I don't miss it as much because I can understand better. The language is getting better. I don't have to ask Elder Badger NEARLY as much.
Other stuff, we had Entrevistas com presidente da missão também. That was good. We had a good doctrine ceonversation and about life as well. So that was good! Interviews are 15 minutes long. It's only longer if you have questions.
I received a card from Mrs. Hunter and a card from Grandma George with some money. I appreciate it so much! Unfortunately, American money here in our area and really anywhere without an international airport is as good as firewood. The Visa gift card was really helpful. I should get some more mail next transfer because we don’t have another conference til then. I haven’t gotten any other packages or mail... I haven’t gotten anything from Gram or the cereal you ordered. :( Or the guitar picks mom sent. The cereal could come next transfer, because of the Christmas season. I got mom's latest package with all the food and stuff, but that’s it this transfer, other than letters.
Other stuff, Thats about it.... Thanks for all the support these weeks It really means a lot. Sorry its so short this week but not much happened here... Last week was a lot more interesting then this one. Well, I love you guys and I hope you all have a boa semana!
Com Amor, Elder George

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