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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Week Passed By 6-13-16

So this week has gone by and we have another one in front of us and this week was colder and it should just get colder everyday! Last night it got down to about 30's and it was a bummer because I was getting sick so that made it settle in on me and so I'm reasonably sick today.
Well mom told me about girls camp this week and I thought I would talk about the Brazilian camp for youth. Here in February they take all the youth on a campout to get them away from Carnival! During the week of Carnival there is basically Sodom and Gamorrah all over again and they want to protect the youth from it. So they take the youth and do constructive activities to help them escape. That is something I thought about this week.
One thing that happened this week was we had an activity in the branch to support the missionary work doing contacts and NO ONE went but us and the Davis's... So one thing that you guys could do there is try and support the missionaries in ANYTHING they need. Being a better missionary just involves talking to your neighbors and getting to know them and being good people so they have good references for the gospel. If you do that and give references the missionaries will never have anything to complain about.
We are teaching a sweet lady and she is doing well. We will go back tomorrow to see how she liked the Book of Mormon and what she thinks. We have found quite a few people that we KNOW have felt something from the Holy Spirit and don't want to continue learning from us because of the lack of desire to change. Hopefully it doesn't happen here!
I realized as well that I haven't sent pics in a while so I will try to be better about that this week and get some decent pics of the city and everything else.
I am still a District Leader and that is stress free! I like it a lot more then being a zone leader! I like getting to know the missionaries on a closer basis so that is good about my calling right now.
Well during pday today I will spend it getting better because I am sick like a dog. I didn't even hear the alarm go off because of how many times I was up in the night. It is quite a bust because we planned our hike for today and now we wont go because we are both sick... But maybe another day. 
I guess my best experience this week was district meeting. I trained about diligence and I believe that the other missionaries will improve there. They have difficulty finding new people and that makes things a bit slow and discouraging when there isn't anyone to teach. Sister Davis made cookies for the meeting as well which was a grand thing :-)
But I guess that's it for this week! I love you all and I wish you all a great week!
Elder George

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