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Book of Mormon

Monday, June 27, 2016

Cookie P-day; 2 Months Left 6-27-16

This week was quite the busy week! WE had appointments like crazy and people that heard us over and over again. We dont know how many will actually progress but we are trying to help them. It is going okay really.
AP's lessons are going okay. She has a few doubt about the Plan of Salvation and that is a little hard because she already studied with a different religion so she thinks its a big difference. We are trying to help. Please pray for her to understand and to accept the Gospel in her life. Really she is the closest one to Baptism right now. The members are also trying to help us more which is great. They are trying to be more available to help in lessons and references. They have great hearts.
Last monday for PDAY we went to Elder and Sister D.'s house to make cookies and learn how to tie knots! It was a grand time and they treated us to dinner! It was great to make cookies in an "American home" again. I wore and aipran (I dont remember how to spell that) and it was funny. I also took some pics of our area. There is like a bike path in the middle of the area that we pass every once in a while. LOTS OF COWS!
We had our usual district meeting and I decided to talk about finding new investigators to teach becasue the district is having a hard time with that... So I taught about having faith to find and we'll see if things get a little better. 
This week we'll have zone conference with President Silva and I hope that it just knocks my sock off because it's my last one! I am looking forward to some really experienced teaching. It'll be great to have that when i get home; LDS Institute classes at BYUI will be great!
Well I was reading this week in Alma about Amulek arguing with Zeezrom and I was struck about how much me and Amulek think similarly. He taught with the environment and logic like I do. I could see a relationship there. After he would talk Alma would come in and testify, and that is when Zeezrom fell and knew he couldnt beat them. I love the story after this point, because it shows even more how people can repent and do the right thing. Give that a read this week loved ones. It really brings peace and courage to do the right thing.
Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Closer ever Closer!
Elder George

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