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Book of Mormon

Monday, December 21, 2015

That Special Time of the Year 12-21-15

Elder George and his companion

Hello once again and may I say that this year has FLOWN by and we are at the best time of year once again! I was thinking about it yesterday and I realized I havent talked to the family in like 7 months... So that's gonna be great to see them again! It's also weird to think that this time next year I'll be with all of you once again enjoying all the sweet things and great memories of time passed away. This year went by fast. A lot of things happened on this end too. I finished my training, trained a missionary, I was district leader, zone leader, finally baptized a family, and had some of the best memeroies ever and met some amazing people.  
But what happened this week...? On to the events.
This week was the Christmas Conference with President and it was okay. So everything was the same as last year. There were games and a good lunch and we got our letters/packages from the mission office. I got BOTH of my packages from home and that was exciting! Thank you all so much!.
On Saturday, L, E, O, G, B, and B were baptized!! That was amazing!! They all did great and I got to baptize the two sisters. One of them let her foot come out. So, to be sure it wouldn't happen the next time, I told her to put her feet together so she would be completely immersed. Right when I put her under the water, I stood on her feet and made her bend her knees. It went fine after that. They were quite emotional at the end of the meeting and happy that they had made this decision to be baptized.  Since there were 6 baptisms there has to be 6 registers. So,That was a little tricky. But the Spirit was so strong and they all have in mind the goal to go to the temple in a year to be sealed as a family. So we are happy with their commitment. They are doing so well!

This week being Christmas will be great. But we will also probably recieve the transfer call on Christmas Eve. So I will be able to tell my family if I'm leaving or staying in person on Christmas! That'll be weird. But I don't know if I'm leaving yet. We'll see I guess.
But this week that was all the notable things... Sorry this one was so short. BUt IT's time for us to go on to the next thing. I love you all and I hope you all have a great Christmas! Love you all!
Elder George

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  1. Wonderful--just wonderful. They look like such a nice family. So glad Dev had this experience. Just love the shine of goodness on his face!!