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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down down.....10-13-15


Friends And Family,
This week was the week of rain and as I started to write this letter, it started again... So we sthould get a little wet on the way home. BUT MISSIONARY LIFE!
So first things first. Our investigator M. is doing well... We think... we didnt get a chance to meet with her this week becasue she was visiting her sister to help her with a new baby. So we will go there today to see whats happening. Please pray for her though. She could really need it.
So Maybe you guys saw some of the pics that I took. Some of them were of buildings. One of them was an electronic store called Moroni! Another was the shoppin mall that there is here. I took a picture becasue we cant actually go in becasue its against the rules. So thats why I tried to take a pic of the whole thing. Others were in the rain in our area that I thought were cool little views. I thought that you would like to see a little more then me in Brazil and maybe just a bit of brazil. Let me know what you guys would like to know or see!
Well, Mom asked if I have given many priesthood blessings and on a mission and what that could be like. It really is quite a different thing, because you think about the person and about WHO they are to GOD. More often then not you don't know the person very well, and you have to give them a blessing that will mean something for them. You really have to be in tune with the Spirit, more than I was at home. You really have to pay attention to the promptings you receive. Also, I have blessed a house and other things that I will save to mention until later on. Its a great experience using the Savior's authority and acting as Christ's hands.
Well a little while ago we had our zone meeting and its getting time to do another one. We are gonna plan to talk about the role of the leadership of the church in missionary work. (chapter 13 Preach My Gospel- Link to material is And being zone leader makes it a little more interesting actually doing the training. I really do enjoy trying to help others be better, because in doing so I have the devotion and incentive to be better myself. It really changes you.
My companion is doing well. It is a bit different because organization is super important to him. He really is bothered when things arent organized and details aren't planned out, So that is a bit different then me. I find that a little planning and a little bit of "on the spot" really brings things to life instead of doing the same thing over and over again. So I am trying to help him see the benefit in that. He is 24 which is different and he is native Brazilian. He is nice and chill and enjoys the work. It really is a good time. He has been out 10 months right now and will make a year in December. We are getting along well! In our house everything stayed the same which was awesome. We were super excited to stay all together for a while more. I had been praying that we would all stay. I really like the guys here. It keeps things fun.
So yesterday we had Children's Day!!! Apparently its a national holiday and EVERYTHING closes. This is why the letters are being sent on Tuesday this week. There was a few little parties but we just stayed home. :)
Well the rain was a hard deal this week. We were wet one way or the other: when we stayed out of the rain we would sweat and when we would leave our rain jackets home to stay cooler it would rain and we would get wet. So we were just wet this week. We also had an investigator that has been going to church for the past few weeks that gained a testimony of the church in Gospel Principles on Sunday and wants to be baptized! That was cool. We marked a date and are gonna visit him tomorrow. He could be the first baptism for me! We'll see!
Well to leave a thought with you guys, I was listening to Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk from General conference ( and it really does touch those who have trouble keeping up with trials in life. His wife told him after a recent heart operation failure that he needed to "stop crying and get up, go back to work, and get learning." If we quit, others will have to learn painfully what we already know. I really liked that and I thought about that in the mission. With the time I have another missionary would have to suffer through similair things to know what I know. That is why I can't give up. 1 Nephi 2:15 Talks about the struggles of Lehi. (  Its simple yet direct. Through our trials we can thank God or be bitter. It's our choice. We can rise or we call fall. There is no middle ground. 
I love you all and I hope that this large piece of memory helps someone learn something that they needed to. I really know that Christ lives and loves us. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. 
Take care everyone,
Elder Deven George

A PS from Elder George's mom:
This past week I received a letter in snail mail. Deven said that he has been trying to play piano again. As a very young child, he took piano lessons, but hasn't played in about 8-9 years. When I questioned him about it he said,
 "Yes mom... I am still playing. In fact I printed some stuff today! I am gonna try and learn some hymns and things to play :) Sharps and flats are a hard deal... They make playing a little slower.. BUT I am liking it :)"

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