Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Family and friends,
literally I have 5 minutes so accept the typos and lets get this going.
My comp is great. He's super chill and really a lot like me. So now you can imagine.
The area has a lot of hills. So I think the shoes that I brought will have to be tossed after this area, but they have made it a year! So thats good I guess. For christmas maybe a nice new pair of shoues would be a good idea. the shoes here that last are super expensive. So maybe something to think about.
Elder S is in our house as well. He is from close to home! So we hang out quite a bit and talk baout things from home.
Being Zone Leader isnt too interesting or too different the District Leader, we just have more missionaries that we check in with. I collect the numbers from the DL's and stuff on Sunday and we go once a month to a training with President Silva. And then we train the District Leaders about the stuff he told us.
But thats basically it about that stuff.
This week was normal. More or less. We had the missionar tour with Elder Lear from the Quorum of the Seventy and it was good. He talked a lot about Charity and loving the people and the other missionaries and avoiding contention. So it was super good. The bad thing was we were ont he bus a total of 24 hours this week. so that was great. 11 hours there and 13 back.... so that was a drag but it was worth it. 
That night we had a water gun fight just for fun and it was awesome: 4 elders running around with little water toys and it was funny.
The day after we found a store called BIG. Apparently it is the same chain as Walmart! Super cool. I was so happy to find it and i thought to myself. Of all the places to have one... But oh well.
Sorry this thing is so short but we have to walk a lot today... gotta get everything ready for interviews on Wednesday with President. So I Love you all and I'll see you guys later!
Elder George

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