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Book of Mormon

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Week-8-3-15

Well this week was another eventful one. Lots of good things! I'll talk about 3 things in specific instead of trying to sum up the whole week... We'll see if that's better.

On Wednesday we had interviews with presidente again and they were exceptional really. First off we talked about a talk from Pres. Benson from like 25 years ago which was kinda good. Lots of good insights. Really about how to lead and how to be a good member. Then we had interviews. We were last and there are at least 24 missionaries so that took quite a while to get around to us. Presidente decided to do a companionship interview where both the missionaries go in to talk with him and after that individually. My individual interview was good. I felt really good about the counsel I received. He also thanked me for doing what I needed to do to be on the mission. Super cool. I'm growing to really believe that he was meant to be my mission president.

Ward Activity of AWESOMENESS:
So that night on Wednesday was had our ward integration activity* and we were in charge of the message. So we went all out. First, we arranged the chairs in 2 columns and a bunch of rows of 3. It was to represent a plane ride... Anyway Elder S then began to announce that the flight would leave momentarily . Then, I had a big speaker, and I started to play "The Circle of Life." He then said "Welcome to your trip to AFRICA!" HE then did the security check and compared the safety devices to things in the Gospel which help and protect us, and then we went on our way! We then handed out little kitkat things for the "airline food" Then I played a different song that sounded a little more intense but soft... Elder S then announced that they were hitting turbulence. He reminded them of the safety devices and told them to stay calm.
THEN I played a sound of a plane crash... P.S. All of us were wearing our white clothes. The lights were off and Elder S. then announced that everyone had died in the crash and that they would either follow me to Paradise or Elder A to Prison. Then we split the group and went to different rooms in the church using only flashlights. We then talked about our respective places with music and then switched... My song was "the Burning Bush" from Prince of Egypt and his was some song by TSwift. We then led them to The Kingdoms. First,  Telestial. Elder S. Talked all about it with No Way Out by Phil Collins in the background. The Terestial kingdom was in another room and in the background was "I Can Go the Distance" from Hercules. Then.... Celestial.
We led them there in the dark with the flashlights we used for the whole thing and when we got there I started Praise to the Man from Lez do Axevedo or something like that and it was POWERFUL! WE talked about everything about the kingdom and told them that this should be their goal. We went back to end with our testimonies and in the background I had "Glorious" from "Meet the Mormons" by David Archuleta playing. It was amazing. The ward members were really touched by our presentation. Best activity ever.

This week we had two divisions. I had one with Elder S and one with the assistants. They were normal but I had an awesome day talking with Elder S. It was awesome really. So nice to have someone from close to home. Well thats about all the details this week about stuff. I hope everyone enjoyed and I'll see you guys next week!
Love you guys! Thanks for EVERYTHING!
Elder George

*Deven mentions an activity he and the other missionaries presented. He talks about this life being like a journey. He briefly shares some additional things which we believe happen after we die. If you are interested in more details of what Deven is referring to, you might enjoy the video, "Our Eternal Life."

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