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Book of Mormon

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello 7-20-15

Well.. this week was quite the change.... Let's go by the days...
Well today we got up emailed like normal and I finished packing. Elder R an I left some rememberences with each other and then we got a taxi to the Rodoviaria. I then got on a bus. The first bus was almost 4 hours and so I tried my best to relax. When I got to the bus station I sat and waited... I got there at about 7 P.M. and waited til 930 P.M. to take the next bus. Well I got here at about 630 A.M. And it was brutal. Hardly slept and it wasnt too fun.
Well I got here today and I was dead. I got SOME stuff organized, called about the area book to say that it was okay (its a rule here) And then I slept... When I got up Elder S. told me that he really didnt know anything about the area and I then found out that he had been transferred there the same time as me... So neither one of us really knows much about the area... So that was fun to find out.Then Elder S. and I went to Lunch with Irmão Gery. It was good. But something really funny happened. He served a mission in São Paulo in the 90's and so I asked him if he new my uncle.. He was like,"He was my companion!!!" then he showed a photo and it was definitely him. I then told him that he was my uncle and it was super funny. He took a picture of us together and I had forgotten my camera so I'll take one with him in a few weeks when he gets back.  So that was crazy.
Today we got up at 4 AM to go and get to new missionaries that were gonna get here. So that once again was a long day. We then got some things solved at the house and so it was all good. we also did this thing called References From God. We prayed picked some streets and did contacts. We found this lady that came to the door and I had the distinct impression just to ask if she needed any help. Then she told us that she wanted peace in her life and we made an appointment to go back again! SUPER COOL. Nothing else really to report.
Thursday: The first normal day. We had lunch with a guy that just enjoys chewing everyone out and causing drama. So it was kinda frustrating listening to him talk about politics and the church system and everything but that was about it for that day. 
Everyone got sick... my companion and Elder S got sick.. So we stayed home practically all day. nothing much else to report.
Everyone was still sick. so that sums up the day.
Today was church and it was fine. The bishopric here is really serious and dont really get too excited really. So we had a meeting with them and told them that we really didnt know much about the area and that we would do our best to build up the work there and everything. They seemed happy and then we had our meetings. After them my companion was STILL sick with migraines so we stayed home again..... YAy. THen tonight the assistants came over and spent the night! I dont remember if I told you guys but there are 6 assistants in the mission. The ones for our zone are really awesome! One of them was trained in my last area! We spent a long time talking and everything and it was good. But thats about it!
SO as you can see the week was good really. This next week we will be traveling at least 24 hours on the bus because we have a conference with a seventy on the coast... BUT I'll finally get to see B again! Super pumped. 
WEll, THats about it this week! I hope you enjoyed and I'll put a lesson in the next week for you guys ! LOVE YOU!
Elder George

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