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Book of Mormon

Monday, August 17, 2015

Birthday Boy 8-17-15


Well I didn’t think I would make it this far already! My Bday is on Wednesday and that is freakin crazy to think about. It feels like I've been here forever but at the same time not very long... Weird. 
I'm getting healthier every day and now this is the end of the transfer yet again! I'm positive that I'm staying but I REALLY don’t want Elder S. to leave... That would break my heart really. He is one of the better friends that I have had on the mission.
We have another 24 hours on the bus this week and it will be long. We are going to council with President on Sunday night and we'll get there on Monday morning probably. Should be okay. The better part is I'll get my bday stuff! We are so far away from the mission home, we don’t get mail very often.
This week was good but I will have mom give you guys the Q and A Things that she does so that I don’t have to break rules and stay longer.
I just wanted to use this email to ask if anyone has any requests in my emails from now on. If you have them then make them because if there isn’t any I don’t really know what to write here. So please ask me what you want to know! Sally that means you too!
I also want to thank everyone for the support and prayers these months and I hope that you feel blessed because of it! I know I do! I could never thank you guys enough. 
Well sorry there isn’t more but at least mom can send that other part. I Love you all and I Hope you all think of me on the 19th! Love you guys!
Elder George

1 What happened to your arms in that pic?!?!?
Well we had a towel whipping contest ;) IT was awesome!

2, Tell me about that party you sent pics of.
 That was a B-Day party for a girl in the ward. They have big parties when people turn 15 so that's what that was... super legit.
3, What was the most meaningful thing you experienced last week?
The best experience that I had was actually working out problems with my companion. I had been anxious about some stuff so that was good.
4, Are you well finally?
I am getting better. Slowly but its happening. I think WEDNESDAY! I will be better.
5, Tell me about your best lesson last week.
We had a lesson with someone who has stopped coming to church last week and that was awesome. Through questions and stuff we found out that he never really had a testimony of the Book of Mormon. So that is what we are gonna focus on this week with him. His name is J. Like in the BIble.
6, Are you enjoying your companion? being ZL? The area?
I think that this comp I will learn the most from. He is super awesome and he has a strong personality, so that’s what I need to learn really.  That sister is in our district: I'm almost as tall as her on my KNEES! It was hilarious!

This area has a lot of hills and is very beautiful.

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