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Monday, July 13, 2015

Well.......July 13, 2015

Well today is that last day at these computers. I have finally been trasnfered. I leave here in a bout 3 hours to do to my new area. It is not close to the mission home. I will be a... ZONE LEADER! Super weird to think about that with 9.5 months in the field and I'm already here. Kinda stressful, but exciting.
On thursday Elder B called me to tell me that he was the new secretary and I didnt believe it, for a second. But then he told me that Presidente wanted to talk to me and to call him. So I did.... He didnt answer. :-l   Then he called and asked for me. He then told me I was being transfered, to be Zone Leader in my new area. My companion will be staying here with a new comp. But that was basically the highlight of the week. I'm doing the suitcases like crazy and it'll work out I think. I'll have 22 missionaries other then my companion in our Zone. I'll see some of the missionaries from the old district here there! That'll be cool.
Other then that, J cut us this week. She told us she wants time to think about what she should do and that she'll call us..... She's still on date for this week so we'll see if that works out. 
Well, yesterday was the last Sunday and everyone was like you leaving finally??? So that was a bit funny. To see everyone that wanted to say goodbye and stuff. Some people that I never really talked to really at all wanted to talk to me. Funny.
I got some pics and stuff that'll be with Mom if you guys want to see them. 
Other than that, this week came to a close at J's house. She lived in the US for like 10 years so she made some American food for us and it was awesome. She talked about tons of things and how she likes US more then Brazil.... It was funny to watch her throw away her brazilian self. Good stuff. 
Well, thats it this week... I hope everyone has a great week and is doing well! See you guys in my new area!!!
Elder George

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