Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Sister D helped make Rice bags

This week was rather slow actually. So this won't be too long. It really wasnt too eventful.
Firstly thank you everyone who emails, sends money or letters. Today, we are going to get food, and my companion is going to get his hair cut. On Wednesday, we have to go to Floripa to take stuff for the Zone Leaders. So we'll get to travel like all day!
Last week was a hard week. We didnt have very many lessons. We didnt get into many houses so that was a bummer and so we didnt have too great of a week that way. But we keep truckin along. 
J was one of our few lessons this week. She is doing well-ish. She believes that everything is true, but it just lacks action with respect to baptism. She is nervous about it and I dont know how to help her see that it'll be okay and actually way better! So thats the challenge now.
Other than that, our people are slow for now. 
Other than that, trasnfers are coming up once again this week and I think I am done here. We'll see exactly what happens on friday but the Zone Leaders keep telling me that I will be the new executive secretary. So we'll see. I would LOVE to serve on the island! So we shall see what happens.
Other then that we had the district meeting on Friday and it was fantastic; the first training was good but mine was phenomanal! Not to be prideful, but I talked about the Book of Mormon. I used the talk "Safety for the Soul," from Elder Holland and it was fantastic. One of the sisters cried and all of the elders said that they felt the Spirit really strong. That was really the highlight for me because I only had the talk written in Englsih and so I TRANSLATED it for everyone ON THE SPOT and it was amazing. I am thankful for the gift of tongues and the part it plays for me here. 
Well, thats really it this week. If you guys want to, give that talk a look through and it wont be a waste of your time. Your testiomony WILL be strengthened. I love you all and I'll see you next week!
Elder George
"Safety For The Soul" Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

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